How to Plan the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

September 21, 2015 - 2 min read

Make no mi-steak, we know how to throw the best backyard BBQ. Check out these delicious recipes the whole family wil enjoy.

What’s the Occasion?

Backyard BBQs make for a perfect low-key engagement or birthday party, as well as an excuse to get your family and friends together for a good time.
Personalise your backyard BBQ by creating a theme. Use decorations and alter your menu to reflect your chosen theme. Our favourites are:
Traditional Picnic: Keep it simple with a red and white chequered tablecloth or picnic blanket. For no-spill drinks, use mason jars with lids and straws and make traditional homemade lemonade for your guests to enjoy.
Mexican: Throw a fiesta and use a sombrero to display snacks. Serve pulled pork grilled corn, and finish off the BBQ with a piñata!
Tropical: A tropical theme is perfect for a BBQ around the pool. Serve punch with slices of fruit and quirky straws, use hollowed out coconuts instead of bowls, and serving grilled pineapple is a must!
Grilled Corn

Plan Your Menu

When considering what to include in your menu, take into consideration any dietary requirements. I.e.: options for those who are vegetarian or vegan.
Reflect your theme in your menu. Stick to the traditional burger patties, sausages and steaks, or spice things up with ribs, veggie skewers and exotic meats like crocodile or kangaroo.
To decide how much food to buy, cater for everyone having at least two pieces of meat, so one burger and one hotdog, plus a few sides of salad. If there are left overs, you can divide it up for guests to take home or use for lunches the next day.
Chicken barbeque

The Set-Up

The number one must have for a backyard BBQ is of course, a barbecue. You can find a variety of barbecues to grill, smoke, bake, or however you prefer to cook.
Make sure you have enough seating and tables, so everyone can have somewhere to sit and enjoy their food.
If you know children will be in attendance, set up fun games, like oversized lawn games, or even that piñata we mentioned above.
If the BBQ will carry into the evening, make sure you have adequate lighting and cans of insect repellent will always be appreciated by your guests.
BBQ friends

Looking for some yummy recipes to serve at your BBQ? Check out these tasty treats: