Take your pup for daily walks

Keeping your furry BFF active is one of the best ways to ensure their happiness and wellbeing. If you’re in full-time work and spend most of your day out of the house, treat your pup to a generous walk every day in order to ensure their wellbeing, health and happiness. Depending on your dog’s breed, they may require more or less exercise than others. If you’re unaware how much exercise your dog needs, do a little research online or check with your local Emerald vet.

Puppy parties

Arranging a puppy party can be a great way to keep your canine friend happy. If your pet is kept alone at home during the day, spending some time each week to socialise and play with other dogs is a great way to keep them upbeat, as well as giving them some much-needed exercise. A puppy party doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may sound. Simply call up your fellow dog-loving friends and arrange to meet up at a local canine-friendly beach or park for a few hours of run around fun!

Treat your dog

It doesn’t hurt spoiling your furry best friend every now and again. In fact, it can actually be quite beneficial. Whether you have an adorable puppy or charming older dog, treats can be used in a variety of ways to train your pet, from teaching simple behavioural techniques to new, exciting tricks. Ask an Emerald dog trainer what the best ways to treat your pup are!

Regular health checks

Healthy is happy, so to ensure they’re in good shape, take them for regular health checks at your local Emerald vet. Although seeing the vet may not be at the top of your pups ‘happiness list’, it’s an important step to take if you want your dog to stay happy. By keeping up with regular checks, an experienced vet can identify any health issues your pup may have, before they become problematic. We also suggest having pet insurance; this is a great way to look after your pets health, without having to fork out on huge and unwanted bills.
If you’re looking for a local Emerald vet for your dog’s checkup we’ve included a few locations below!

Maraboon Veterinary Surgery
Meet the friendly team, Maraboon Veterinary Surgery - Emerald
Meet the friendly team, Maraboon Veterinary Surgery – Emerald

Say hi to the lovely team of professionals at Maraboon Veterinary Surgery, if you’re searching for a new favourite vet! Home to a number of professional and friendly staff, you can visit this lovely Emerald vet for all your pet’s health concerns. From digital X-rays and vaccinations to breeding services and puppy school, this location offers it all! Whether your dog’s breath is starting to stink or you want to ask about some great training tips, this Emerald vet can help you out!
Where: 1/65 Hospital Rd Emerald QLD 4720
Gray Street Veterinary Clinic
Keeping pets healthy, Gray Street Veterinary Clinic - Emerald
Keeping pets healthy, Gray Street Veterinary Clinic – Emerald

Keen to keep your pet happy and healthy? So are the team at Gray Street Veterinary Clinic! Operating since 1982, you know that your furry loved one is in the safest of hands when visiting this friendly, family-owned practice. Offering an extensive range of veterinary services including vaccinations, diet advice, dental checks and x-rays, make this is your one stop shop for all of your pet’s health needs! Don’t go past Gray Street Veterinary Clinic when searching for the perfect vet!
Where: 43 Gray St Emerald QLD 4720
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How do you insure your pets happiness? Share your tips below!