How to: craft a winter bouquet

June 16, 2015 - 1 min read

Some beautiful flowers bloom in the cooler months. here’s how to take advantage of these flowers and create a stunning floral arrangement for your home or office.

Want to spruce up the interiors of your home in under 5 minutes? These easy DIY floral arrangements are sure to do the trick! Better yet, these are all for winter flowers, so most of these flora should be easy to get.

The relaxed arrangement

Lavender is a popular winter flower as not only is it beautiful, it also emits a relaxing scent that will leave an amazing fragrance throughout the home. Here’s how to make your beautiful lavender bouquet quickly, easily and without fuss:
Fill a short vase (or even a cute mini watering can) with ruffled and scented geranium leaves for a lush green base. Once you’re finished, slip the stems of lavender between the leaves for a beautiful fragrant bouquet.

The overflow arrangement

This is another lush bouquet that is quite simple to make. Flowers that suit this arrangement include the winter rose and camellias. Here’s what to do:
Using a trumpet vase, give your arrangement a lush base by once again filling it with geranium leaves. Cut the larger blossoms, such as the winter rose, at different heights up to about 4 inches taller than the lip of the vase. Then feed the stems through gaps in the leaves. If you like, finish the bouquet off with some trailing vines for a romantic aesthetic.