Help Prepare Your Pets for Storm Season

October 9, 2015 - 4 min read

We love our pets and want the best for them in every way possible. But what do you do when they become unsettled during a storm? We’ve done our research about how you can prepare your pets for storm season and keep them safe and sound.

Keeping Dogs Calm & Safe During A Storm

Anxious Spaniel


  • Place enclosed shelter in a safe, easily accessed place
  • Show your dog their shelter

Ensure your dog has access to a warm, dry and secure spot if a storm hits and you’re not home. Whether it’s a dog door so they can go in the house, or an enclosed crate under a patio, your dog will appreciate having somewhere to feel protected during the storm.

If Your Dog Is Anxious During Storms

  • Noticeable anxiety signs include whimpering, excessive drooling & digging
  • If they are excessively anxious, take your dog to a vet for preventive care

Many dogs become anxious and upset during storms, which is understandable when they don’t understand where the flashing lights and BOOM of thunder is coming from.
If your dog does become upset during a storm, place them in a room (preferably without windows) and sit with them to help soothe their fears. Playing music to cover the sound of thunder may help them calm them down even further.
It is important to remember if you are anxious, your dog will sense this and most likely become worried.

Keeping Cats Calm & Safe During A Storm


Wandering Cats

  • Have somewhere in your yard your cat can shelter if they can’t access the house
  • If there is an expected storm, keep them in a secure location

Cats are quite independent and have the tendency to wander off. If your cat isn’t home when a storm strikes, leave a door or window open for them to come in when they are ready—normally dripping wet and in need of a towel down.

If Your Cat Is Anxious During Storms

  • Noticeable anxiety signs include strange behaviour, scratching, pacing & meowing
  • Distract your cat with toys during a storm

You may notice your cat acting differently during a storm, even several hours before it hits. Provide your cat with a cupboard or ‘igloo’ bed they can hide in to wait out the storm.
It may be tempting to comfort your cat during a storm, but they may see this as a reward for fearful behaviour. Try to act as normally as possible.

Keeping Birds Calm & Safe During A Storm


Securing Your Birds Cage

  • Bring birds inside if a storm is predicted
  • If your bird is sensitive to noise (e.g. Canaries) move them to a quiet room

If you have a small to medium sized cage outside, bring it inside to stop it become a potential hazard. Cover large aviaries and cages with tarps to keep water out.
You can help ensure your birds keep calm during a storm by placing a towel around the cage. The dark environment will normally encourage birds to sleep.

How To Prepare All Pets For Storms

In the event of your pet making a break for freedom during a storm, you need to be prepared. Microchip or tag all of your pets so their finder can contact you.
If your pet has wandered off during a storm, placing flyers in your local neighbourhood with a large recent photo will help locate them. Contact your local animal shelter and vets and ask if any pets have been handed in.

Sleepy Dog

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