Golf: Learn to hit a longer drive

August 4, 2015 - 2 min read

Have a golf game coming up and wanting to learn how to hit a longer drive? Well we have some tips for you!

Customise your club

Everybody is shaped differently and has unique idiosyncrasies with their swing. So if you’ve purchased an off-the-shelf driver, then there’s a good chance it’s not the right fit. Make the most of modern technology and have your driver custom made for you. Be sure to opt for a light shaft and if you want to drive longer, consider a club with more loft. Using better equipment can add 20-50 metres on your drive instantly, as opposed to months of practising a new technique. Just make sure you get all your new equipment before overhauling your swing.

Keep it short

One more thing to consider before purchasing a new driver is your shaft length. Many people think that a longer shaft equals more leverage, and more distance, when in fact a longer shaft can throw out your timing and cause you to lose control of the stroke. Comfort is key! You can sacrifice a little distance to ensure you’re hitting the sweet spot.

Don’t over think

It might sound bizarre, but try and approach your drive like you’ve just come off a double bogey on the previous hole. When you’re teeing off a little angry, you tend not to strategise and over think your swing as much—you just grip it and rip it down the fairway. Using emotion rather than thought will stop you from freezing up and make your swing more fluent.

It’s all in the hips

Many golfers make the mistake of thinking that a big shoulder turn is the key to crunching a long drive, when that’s not completely true. Turning your hips further in your backswing, will allow you to turn your shoulders much more, resulting in a bigger windup and maximum distance.

Flare your feet

Flaring your feet out a little a little wider in your stance will give your hips more room to move. And just like we learnt in the last tip, more hip movement means more distance. Just be careful not to flare your feet too much and restrict your swing.


Are you a master of the long, straight drive? Share your secrets in the comments below!

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