Mount Warning Climb

The view from Mount Warning
The view from Mount Warning

Mount Warning is a remnant of the Tweed Volcano that once ruled the region. This mountain is almost a kilometre high, so it definitely has the best views in the region from its top (a perfect photo opportunity). Take the 8.8km climb up the mountain to uncover these incredible sights, climbing up cliff faces and steep walking paths. Take along your Go Pro to record the trek and the well worked-for panoramic view of the valley and coast below you at the top. If you’re feeling brave, pack a small picnic and perch yourself at the tip top for an exciting, on-edge lunch before sliding back down to the base.
Where: Mount Warning National Park, Mount Warning NSW 2485
Kathmandu Kitchen
Authentic Himalayan dishes, Kathmandu Kitchen - Tweed Coast
Authentic Himalayan dishes, Kathmandu Kitchen – Tweed Coast

This Nepalese and Tibetan restaurant offers more than dinner; they promise ‘a culinary journey into the heart of Nepal’. If you’re hungry after your day out climbing mountains, then the Kathmandu Kitchen will fill you up with their spicy, traditional Himalayan food. For starters, wet your appetite with a dish of momo; Tibetan spiced beef dumplings served with fresh tomato & coriander sauce. If you want to keep your heart rate high and not waste the exercise for the day, get their HOT HOT HOT Vindaloo Goruko; a beef curry that boasts to be the best in the region and will probably make you cry a little bit. Flavour is no stranger to the Kathmandu Kitchen, so bring your appetite and keep the cucumber yoghurt close for a spicy bite to eat.
Where: 2/106 Marine Parade, Kingscliff NSW 2487

Minyon Falls

Go Pro views at Minyon Falls
Go Pro views at Minyon Falls

Minyon Falls is a 100-metre cliff drop in the heart of the Tweed Valley that is home to an incredible waterfall, especially after the wet season. While it is definitely not recommended that you try to climb or jump from the falls, there is an incredible natural swimming hole at the bottom of the falls that is sure to be the perfect place to take an amazing photo or two. Bathe in the crystal clear water while overlooking some of the most untouched nature you’ll ever see, and make sure to record it to show your grandchildren in the future.
Where: Newton Drive, Nightcap NSW 2480
Catch a Crab Boat Tours
Get crabs, Catch a Crab - Tweed Coast
Get crabs, Catch a Crab – Tweed Coast

If you’re so adventurous you only like to eat food you’ve caught yourself, then check out Catch a Crab on the Tweed River. These action-packed tours will take you out on the river, teach you how to use crab pots and give you the opportunity to nab your own mud crab. Watch your fingers! These crabs have pincers that could take your thumb off if you’re not careful. Whip out the Go Pro to take a photo of the amazing scenery or to prove that you caught your dinner yourself to share with your friends. Once you’ve done the fishing, head back to the restaurant to cook up your crab, or if you were unlucky on your fishing escapades indulge in one of their A La Carte seafood dishes. End the night overlooking the river, nibbling on a seafood platter including A-Grade mud crab and oysters.
Where: Birds Bay Drive, Tweed Heads West NSW 2485
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