Give your puppy the perfect pedicure

June 23, 2015 - 2 min read

Keep your puppy’s nails healthy and strong with a regular clip! Here are our tips to giving them the perfect pedicure!

Clipper design

Generally, there are two types of trimmers when it comes to cutting your dog’s nails: scissor-style and guillotine-style. They both work equally as well, however it’s all about what is most comfortable for your dog – just make sure it’s the right size.

Start young

When your dog is a pup, it’s important that they are used to you touching and playing with their paws. If you have a sensitive pooch it could take a few weeks of paw massaging before they become comfortable. After their first few cuts, make sure you follow up with plenty of treats and maybe even their favourite game to make it a positive experience.

Pre-snip preparation

Depending on the nature of your dog, it’s often a good idea to tire them out before starting your puppy pedicure. This will make sure they’re relaxed. You should also get a friend to help hold your dog, so you can focus on cutting their nails without any accidents. Once you’ve assembled your nail care gear, you’re ready to start.

Just a bit off the top thanks

Now for the most important part, the cut itself! Using treats to encourage your dog, grab their paw firmly without hurting them and cut from top to bottom (not side to side), all the while praising them for their good behaviour. Only insert little parts of the nail through the trimmer at a time to avoid nipping the quick (the pink area within each nail that contains nerves and blood vessels). Try to maintain the existing curvature of the nail as you cut, but once again it’s vital that you move onto the next nail before reaching the quick.

Accidents can happen

Can’t stop the bleeding after a nail care-related accident? Perhaps your dog suffers from brittle nails, nail bed disorders or is showing fearful or aggressive behaviour during your trim? It might be time to take them to your local vet.