The Edge Restaurant and Bar

Try a variety of cocktails at The Edge (stock image)
Try a variety of cocktails at The Edge (stock image)

The Edge’s bar contends for Rocky’s best girly drink with two of their cocktails – East meets West and the French Connection. East meets West is a mixture of Bulldog Gin, Villa Massa Lemoncello, cucumber, mint and lemon for the lovely lady who likes to keep her drinks light. On the other hand, The French Connection is a luxurious and creamy cocktail of Chambord and Malibu layered with pineapple juice and coconut cream. With a full menu of in-house cocktails, why not check out The Edge Restaurant and Bar for a one-of-a-kind drink accompanied with a selection of tapas? Their duck shanks and crumbed mushrooms would go down nicely alongside a daiquiri while overlooking the park and river.
Where: 108 Victoria Parade, Rockhampton QLD 4700
Flamingo’s on Quay
Try a girly drink at Flamingo's
Try a girly drink at Flamingo’s (stock image)

This is the perfect venue if you’re after a little something special to drink. With its very own cocktail bar area, Flamingo’s on Quay offers up a full menu of classic cocktails, from cosmopolitans to pinà coladas. If you’re not sure what drink to choose, why not chat to one of the friendly bar staff who can help mix you up a cocktail to suit your tastebuds. Flamingo’s arguably has one of the best locations in Rockhampton, situated alongside the Fitzroy River, and is a great place to put those cocktails to use with a wild dance floor. Ladies and gents, get your sweet alcoholic treats here before you dance away the evening in martini bliss.
Where: 234 Quay Street, Rockhamptom QLD 4700
Customs House Rockhampton
Wine and tapas at The Lounge.
Wine and tapas at The Lounge.

Customs House is home to two bars – The Lounge and The Basement. Find an amazing selection of wines in The Lounge, along with more than fifteen handcrafted cocktails, while you relax in one of Rocky’s most boutique locations for sitting back and sipping on a drink. After you’ve finished off your beverage, head downstairs to The Basement for delicious Thai food including traditional curries as well as modern stir fries such as the garlic, basil and herbs twist. Accompany this with a Back Handed Panda – a signature cocktail made of Chambord, lychee liqueur, lemonade and fresh lime for a fusion of zesty flavours. These two venues in the one place have an amazing range of sweet and fruity cocktails and are located in a historical location in the heart of Rockhampton.
Where: 208 Quay Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700
By the end of the evening, I’m certain you’ll have your cocktail cravings under wraps.
If there is a bar in Rocky that serves up your favourite cocktail with a feminine twist, why not comment below and let us know?