Earlier the better!

When it comes to preparing your little one for their first day, it’s never too early to start! If you haven’t already, be sure that your child spends time at a child care centre before their first day of primary school. For a preschooler, this is a great opportunity to get used to being in the care of others, meeting new people and being without their parents for an extended period. Some child care centres even offer primary school readiness programs, with specific learning programs to make your child’s transition more seamless.

Communication is key

A few weeks out, start talking to your child about their feelings towards starting primary school; ask whether they are nervous or excited. Let them know it’s okay and then reiterate all the positives about starting school—like meeting new friends and playtimes. This will help them get used to the idea of primary school well in advance. Also, let them know that if there’s anything wrong you’ll be right there to help.

Meet and greet

Before your child’s first day, organise a meet and greet with their teacher at the school. This will help familiarise them with their surroundings and stop them getting overwhelmed when the time comes. If your child has a friend going to the same school, be sure to take them together—having a friend by their side for this experience will benefit the both of them.

On the day

After packing their bags, dressing them ready for school and taking all the necessary photos, take them—with their friend—to school. Your most important role in their first day comes with the goodbye. While it can be hard leaving your child on their first day, it’s important you don’t prolong your send off. Keep it short, reassure them and leave them a little note in their lunchbox to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Need a Taree child care centre?

If you’re looking for a child care centre that’ll have your child primary school-ready, you’re in luck! We’ve found the best child care centres in Taree who will be happy to help!
Earth Angels Child Care Centre

Plenty of room for activities, Earth Angels Child Care Centre - Taree
Plenty of room for activities, Earth Angels Child Care Centre – Taree

With over 40 years’ combined experience in the child care industry, you can be rest assured the staff at Earth Angels Child Care Centre will give your little one all the necessary education and preparation they need before taking the big step. With qualified carers and a large outdoor learning area—home to cows, chickens and other farm animals—your kid will be learning and having fun, all at the same time. Looking after children aged six weeks to six years (as well as after school care for ages 5 to 12), if you need to get back to work give the friendly staff at Earth Angels Child Care Centre a call today!
Where: 16 Beecher St Tinonee, NSW

Child Care Services Taree & Districts Inc
Enrol your child today! Child Care Services Taree & Districts Inc - Taree
Enrol your child today! Child Care Services Taree & Districts Inc – Taree

Conveniently located in the heart of Taree, you can trust Child Care Services Taree and Districts to not only care for your child, but help them to achieve their full potential.. The team of dedicated, qualified carers make sure each day is exciting, fun and full of learning—with carefully planned lessons aimed at helping with development. With a small group environment and flexible hours, if you’re busy putting bread on the table, you can have peace of mind knowing your little one is receiving close attention. Want to know more? Call the team at Child Care Services Taree and Districts and they can answer any questions you may have.
Where: 51 Wynter St Taree NSW

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