Your guide to choosing a post-workout shake

Tip 1: Consider what’s in it

Post-workout shakes are all about restoring lost energy and helping you repair muscle burn. Depending on your end goal (staying healthy, losing weight, building muscle or other), your needs are going to change. Generally you want a shake that includes varying levels of protein (depending on your goal) and carbohydrates. Carbs help restore your lost energy and protein helps to repair and rebuild your muscles.

Tip 2: Know when you need it

It’s not recommended to have a post-workout shake if you haven’t really worked up much of a sweat. Whether you haven’t been as pumped for your workout as usual, or you need to stop halfway, if your heart rate isn’t up and you’re not sweating, you don’t need a post-workout shake. This is important, as having excess protein can potentially damage the kidneys and the liver according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Tip 3: Don’t rely on shakes for weight loss

While supplements and shakes are a great choice for rebuilding muscle, generally they can also be quite high in calories. If you’re using shakes as a supplement for meals, you could be adding up to 300 calories to your diet with each one! You also want to be sure you’ve spoken to your GP before making any large changes to your overall diet.

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