Everybody knows that after exercising comes a post-workout breakfast, so as well as the best morning exercise option in Newcastle, we have also found a couple of quirky and unique cafes in Newcastle where you’re guaranteed a delicious breakfast. After all, you’re going to need something to replace the energy you just burned!

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Bottoms Up! Fitness

Beach workouts, Bottoms Up! Fitness - Newcastle
Beach workouts, Bottoms Up! Fitness – Newcastle

Ladies, if you and your friends are searching for a fun way to workout don’t look past Bottoms Up! Fitness. Originally founded in 2010 as a way to make exercise not only effective but also fun and social, this unique fitness company has captivated the lives of many women who religiously attend classes on a weekly basis.
With a number of training locations dependant on the weather, you will get the opportunity to workout on beaches and in parks as well as state-of-the-art gyms during the winter. Offering more than 20 sessions a week that incorporate anything from yoga and cardio, to boxing and weights, you’ll never get bored of what this amazing team have to offer. If this sounds right up your alley, jump onto Bottoms Up! Fitness’s website and check out their timetable as well as introductory offers like $10 for a week of unlimited sessions.
Where: 92 Jennifer Street Charlestown NSW 2290

 Get your post-workout brekky here

Papa’s Bagel Bar

The best bagels around, Papa's Bagel Bar - Newcastle
The best bagels around, Papa’s Bagel Bar – Newcastle

For a beautiful and well-deserved breakfast, make sure you pay Papa’s Bagel Bar a visit. Located in the heart of Newcastle, here you can find the best bagels in town, good enough to rival one’s from the Big Apple. Step inside this modern location (don’t worry about changing- they won’t mind) and enjoy a tasty breakfast while your rest your tired body. Pouring some of the most delicious coffee this town has to offer, be sure to pair your perfect brekky bagel with an idyllic cup of joe – after all, you’re going to need it after that workout! Last but not least, sit back, relax and enjoy the quirk of Papa’s Bagel Bar.
Where: Devonshire Street & Hunter Street Newcastle West NSW 2302
Three Bean Espresso Bar
Modern location & friendly service, Three Bean Espresso Bar - Newcastle
Modern location & friendly service, Three Bean Espresso Bar – Newcastle

If healing food is what you’re after, be sure to swing by Three Bean Espresso Bar for a tasty breakfast. Serving up delectable morning dishes that include indulgent French toast with strawberries, toasted almonds, ‘live’ creme fraiche or creamed eggs and hot smoked salmon with rocket and herbs. Every dish at Three Bean Espresso Bar is delicately crafted by their compassionate chefs and look almost too good to eat. However, it’s not just the food that is impressive at this location; the unique and modern decor and superb coffee is good enough to impress the pickiest of cafe diners. So if you’re looking for a bit of luxury after your early start, make sure you put Three Beans Espresso Bar on your list.
Where: 103 Tudor Street Hamilton NSW 2303
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