Blue Door Cafe

Locals call it ‘the grounds of Newcastle’ Blue Door – Newcastle

To kick off the Writers Festival in Newcastle City Hall we suggest Blue Door as the place to chat over coffee and food with other authors. Opening just a few weeks ago, this cafe has taken Newcastle by storm with it’s game-changing cuisine. Located so close to the City Hall, you can simply walk over and find a comfortable chair and table for the rest of the day. If you are struggling for inspiration and need a place where you can bounce ideas off other writers then look no further because everything from the dining to the design of the cafe is sensational. The inspiration for the food comes from all over the world with the colours coming to life on your plate. To top it off they have an amazing separate vegan/vegetarian and gluten free menu and mass produce their very own labelled freshly cold pressed juice right on site. So if you want to embrace the best of cafe culture in Newcastle then make your way to Blue Door.
Where: 363-365 Hunter Street, Newcastle 2300
The Source Cafe
Enjoy meals close to the water, The Source Cafe – Newcastle

Away from the bustling areas of the main streets in Newcastle, The Source Cafe offers a sanctity along the waterway for those of you who need the natural elements to unwind and stop the writer’s block. Feel the cool breeze from the waterway on your face as you discover a twist in the story or your hero’s final weakness. If you write better after dusk then enjoy the ambiance in the cafe which is tranquil while you reflect on pieces of writing with a coffee coming to your table every hour.
Where: 1/74-76 The Lane, Maryville NSW 2293
Three Monkeys Cafe
Find a comfy seat in this busy cafe, Three Monkeys – Newcastle

A busy little cafe, if you can find a table in a nook to sit down at then you will be set for the day. With both an inside and outside seating area, you can transition from day to night without dropping your pen. Their brunch and late night opening hours means you can afford to let time fly by with the friendly attendance of a waitress to take your order. Their private outdoor area also allows you to scribble away in silence as you go deep into developing the characters on the page.
Where: 131 Darby Street, Cooks Hill NSW 2300
The Grain Store
The grain store
Vintage interior design , The Grain Store – Newcastle

If you are looking for motivation, look no further than The Grain Store which is situated in a restored warehouse at Newcastle’s new food and cafe hub. Considered to be an ‘inner city Oasis’, its spacious surroundings and plant life in the cafe make for a comfortable setting where you can let your imagination run wild. Needing to take a break from the flowing thoughts on the page? No worries, have a coffee and roam around their quaint courtyard. Open until late from Tuesday to Sunday, you can plan your subplots without fear of losing your train of thought if the cafe closes early.
Where: 64-66 Scott Street, Newcastle East NSW 2300
What cafes do you like to sit and write at in Newcastle? Let us know in the comments below.