Feel The Burn: Working Out In Extreme Heat

December 14, 2015 - 2 min read

When we work out, we expect to sweat – but working out under the hot Australian sun during can seem harder than usual. Here our our 3 biggest tips to help you keep cool while working out in the heat.

Exercising in hotter temperatures can boost performance

If you’re serious about boosting your exercise regime, training during our hot Australian summer may be the way to go. However, this is not recommended for people starting out on their new fitness journey. If you’re not prepared, high heat workouts can burn you out quickly, leaving you heavily dehydrated. It’s important to ease your way in to any new lifestyle change!

3 tips for exercising in hot weather

So, you’re ready to sweat it out with a running or cycling session out in the heat? Although pushing yourself is usually encouraged in fitness, it’s definitely best to take it easy when you start working out in the heat.

#1 Water Water Water!

woman drinking bottle of water on the beach
It’s recommended that you consume 500mL to a litre of water an hour or so before a cardio workout. During a moderate (under 1 hour) bout of moderate exercise (jogging), be sure to take a bottle of water to keep you hydrated throughout. Anything longer or more strenuous calls for sports drinks to replace carbs and electrolytes—as a general rule, it’s important to drink a litre of water per hour of exercise.

#2 Ease into it

man and woman jogging outside
If you plan on exercising in the heat regularly, you should expect a period of heat acclimation as your body adjusts to your new workout environment. Once you ease yourself into it, you could see benefits in your endurance in as little as 2 weeks!

#3 How humid is it?

man exercising in grey top
Summer can get quite muggy, especially when you live in Australia’s tropical parts. When you sweat, your body cools down as the sweat evaporates off your skin. In higher humidity, the evaporation of sweat will take longer, causing your body temperature to stay hot.

It’s Australia, and we understand how hot it can get. If you want to work out in a cool, comfortable environment, head on over to your local gym or fitness centre. You can find one near you using LocalSearch.

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