If you’ve been to Hamilton Island, you’ll know that the place is home to incredible views, crystal blue water and amazing subtropical weather. Everything you could ever ask for. Although basking in the ambiance of Hamilton Island will more than satisfy the oldies, the kids are all about what activities they will be running amok at.


It’s no secret that Hamilton Island is home some of the best marine wildlife in the world. You have two choices when it comes to snorkeling – the option where you’re reaching for your back pocket and hiring a boat for a snorkeling tour, or the popular Catseye Beach (Hamilton Island’s only beach) option where, depending on the tide, you can just wade through the water and see a diverse range of sea creatures and maybe even a turtle if you and the kids are lucky.
Where: Resort Drive Hamilton Island QLD
Manta Ray Cafe 

Lovely views, Manta Ray Cafe - Hamilton Island
Lovely views, Manta Ray Cafe – Hamilton Island

Snorkeling may be a beautiful thing to do but it’s certainly not easy. After a few hours of swimming, the kids will stop appreciating all the sights around them and their thoughts will be filled with questions like what kind of meal they’ll be ordering at Manta Ray. Specialising in all things gourmet, you and the family can tuck into a wide selection of local seafood, meat dishes and Italian pizzas at this lovely restaurant. Overlooking the marina, Manta Ray provides a low-key, family-friendly environment, so you can continue to enjoy the unreal views Hamilton Island is so famous for while filling your stomach. If you’re lucky enough to be staying at Reef View Hotel, Palm Bungalows or any holiday home booked through Hamilton Island Holiday Homes, children up to 12 can eat free from the kids menu.
Where: Front Street Hamilton Island QLD


We all know the kids have got energy to burn. They’re constantly buzzing around wanting to know what’s happening next or where they are going now. Here’s an activity that’ll let you see a 360 degree view of the immaculate Hamilton Island landscape in all its natural beauty, while treating the kids to an adventurous walk through bushland filled with native wildlife. A bit of advice, force the kids to continue to the top of the trail where you’ll find Passage Peak lookout, with views so beautiful that your children will tell their children about them.
Where: Resort Drive Hamilton Island 
Popeyes Takeaway 

Fish and chip picnic, Popeyes Takeaway - Hamilton Island
Fish and chip picnic, Popeyes Takeaway – Hamilton Island

This charming little takeaway seafood restaurant is the perfect way to refuel after a hard day trekking to Passage Peak. Honestly, what better way to bond as a family than over a bit of takeaway fish and chips? Depending on the time of day and weather, you can take your meal just a few steps down from the restaurant and enjoy a free live performance in a little park overlooking the marina. So, you can soak up the sunset and some great tunes while you and the family share a fisherman’s basket. This seafood selection includes an array of options like scallops, prawns, squid, fish and chips which will ensure there are no tantrums and everyone is happy.
Where: Front Street Hamilton Island QLD


If you and the family haven’t already seen enough native wildlife in your bushwalk and snorkel through the coral reefs, you will need to put a smile on your child’s dial and stop in at the WILD LIFE Hamilton Island Koala Cafe.
Where: 1 Resort Drive Hamilton Island QLD
WILD LIFE Hamilton Island Koala Cafe

One of the cafe locals,  WILD LIFE Hamilton Island Koala Cafe - Hamilton Island
One of the cafe locals, WILD LIFE Hamilton Island Koala Cafe – Hamilton Island

What little kid doesn’t love koalas? If you want to be known as the best parent in the entire world (for one day at least) then take the family out to a buffet breakfast and an afternoon of Koala cuddling at the WILD LIFE Hamilton Island Koala Cafe. This wonderful little cafe-style restaurant is home to very welcoming staff and will satisfy your cravings with a range of breakfast and lunch options. Take the chance to get face to face with some of Australia’s most iconic animals like crocodiles, dingos, snakes, kangaroos, exotic birds and, of course, koalas (plus more) in this little piece of outback Australia right in the heart of Hamilton Island. General admission is $14 for children and $20 for adults, but you can’t put a price on the look of your loved one’s face when they’re getting photos with with one of Australia’s cutest animals.
Where: 1 Resort Drive Hamilton Island QLD
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