Beauty sleep: Is this really a thing?

Yes, actually sleep does impact the appearance of your skin. While we sleep, the body has time to regenerate cells, including skin cells. Those who don’t get enough sleep tend to have a higher levels of cortisol in their systems, which is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland under stress. This can impact the way we look and the health of our skin.

Are homemade exfoliants just as good as brand name?

Yes and no. This largely depends on the type of solution you’re mixing up at home. While some home remedies are great for exfoliating and removing those dead skin cells, you’ve got to be careful of the granules you choose to use. For example, walnuts are not a good choice as the pieces are too large and can actually damage the skin.

Will cucumbers really help puffy eyes?

In short, yes. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce puffiness. Cucumbers are also naturally cool in temperature, and this helps reduce blood flow to the area. So feel free to put on that mask and relax with those cucumber slices over your eyes!

Does keeping hydrated help the skin?

The amount of water you drink may not necessarily impact your skin. Keeping hydrated is always a good idea, however hydrated skin has less to do with the amount of water you drink and more to do with how well your skin holds onto moisture.

Will oil help clear the skin?

It depends on your skin and the oil you want to use, however supplements are usually the better choice as this avoids potential skin issues. Putting oil directly onto the skin can clog pores and result in more breakouts.
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