Explore The Beauty Of Magnetic Island

November 11, 2015 - 3 min read

Magnetic Island is a natural utopia. Visitors to the island are treated to a diverse range of flora and fauna, while the national park is virtually untouched by man’s evolutionary footsteps. To ensure you make the most of visiting Magnetic Island, we have listed the best ways to experience this pristine natural wonderland.

Explore Magnetic Island

Walking Tracks

Whether you prefer a relaxing 30-minute stroll or a more cardio intensive 2.5-hour trek, Magnetic Island has 6 main walking tracks of varying lengths that allow you to see some breathtaking views of the coastline and bushland.


Magnetic Island is part of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef, internationally acclaimed as the Eight Natural Wonder. You will find some amazing dive sites around the island including: Florence, Alma, Arthur and Geoffrey Bays. Wreck diving can add an exciting element to your underwater adventure. Some of the well-known wrecks that litter the ocean bed surrounding Magnetic Island are the Moltke, SS Yongala, the Platypus and the Bee. SS Yongala is well worth a visit, renowned as the best wreck dive in Australia. Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive offer daily day trips from Magnetic Island to see the wreck .

Guided Water Tours

There are a multitude of water tours available on Magnetic Island, depending on whether you are interested in a more leisurely or adrenaline-filled experience. The guided kayak sea tour is an eco friendly option, allowing you to languidly cruise the coastline while viewing the amazing sea life in close proximity, such as dolphins, fish and the sea turtles. For those who like to tackle life at a faster pace, the jet-ski tour is a lot of fun, covering large tracts of coastline at high speeds, while feeling the warmth of the sun on your face and the exhilaration of wind streaming through your hair.

Fishing & Boat Charters

A popular destination for big game fishing, Magnetic Island offers a wide variety of fishing and boat charters. The local fishing charters have several different tours for fishing enthusiasts. From beginners through to the more experienced, there are many packages available that are all inclusive of equipment, bait and often a light meal.
It’s also an entertaining excursion to charter a boat and anchor it near one of the idyllic beaches surrounding the island and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch and refreshing drink. You can also arrange a live aboard charter for several days, so you can experience more of the beauty of Magnetic Island and the surrounding reef systems.

If you’re interested in visiting breathtaking Magnetic Island, SeaLink Queensland offers a ferry service to and from the island. While there, explore the stunning reefs and wrecks with Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive, who offer some amazing underwater tours.

SeaLink Queensland
A leading North Queensland passenger service between Townsville and Magnetic Island, SeaLink Queensland offers 18 trips a day to the island. Travel in comfort with SeaLink Queensland, who take only 20-minutes to reach Magnetic Island from their Breakwater Terminal in Townsville. Services offered include:
• Ferry transfers
• Day tours
• Travel packages
For further information on the ferry services available check out SeaLink Queensland’s LocalSearch Profile Page.

Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive
For underwater tours around Magnetic Island’s reef systems, contact Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive. Specialising in trips to HMAS Yongola, the dive company offers both day and live aboard trips. Services offered include:
• Snorkelling & diving tours
• Day & live aboard trips
• Dive courses
If you’d like to find out more about the underwater adventures on offer, visit Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive’s LocalSearch Profile Page.