It doesn’t matter whether you love the calmness and natural beauty of a cascading rock pool or getting a bit more down and dirty with a rugged bush trail trek, we’ve found 2 spots where you can go and see one-of-a-kind Airlie Beach natural attractions and fill your stomach along the way.

#1 Conway Circuit

Conway Circuit, previously known as the Whitsunday Great Walk, is a must-visit location if you wish to experience a vast array of Airlie Beach natural beauty and don’t mind a bit of physical exercise. The off-trail trek through the Conway National Park couples lush rainforest elegance with once in a lifetime views of Airlie Beach’s untouched surroundings.
Starting at Brandy Creek in the Conway State Forest (almost a 10-minute drive from Airlie Beach) the circuit is 28 kilometres long and makes its way back to Airlie Beach. Every step of the way your eyes will be glued to the beautiful rainforest around you, filled with some of most exotic wildlife native to these areas – whether it be the Ulysses butterfly or the distinctive Wompoo Fruit-Dove. The entire journey is meant to be a three-day adventure on foot, but it is a perfect one-day journey for those into their mountain biking. If walking 28 kilometres sounds a bit ambitious (even if it is over three days), there are tracks of varying distances and difficulties so everyone can get the opportunity to experience Airlie Beach in its raw magnificence.
Where: Conway National Park Cape Conway QLD
Denman Cellars Beer Cafe

Harbour views, Denman Cellars Beer Cafe - Airlie Beach
Harbour views, Denman Cellars Beer Cafe – Airlie Beach

Unfortunately it’s pretty hard to build a fully functioning profitable cafe in the middle of an Airlie Beach rainforest (as pretty as that does sound), so if you’re heading off for a day of sightseeing in the Conway Circuit, make sure you fill up at the Denman Cellars Beer Cafe that is located in the heart of Airlie Beach. Perhaps you’re looking for a place to carbo-load after a hard days trekking? Either way, Denmans Cellers Beer Cafe boasts some of the best views in Airlie Beach, along with hearty fresh produce and premium barista made coffee. Views of the pristine harbour will be a nice little appetiser to what you will be treated to during your Conway Circuit exploration, so rest your legs up with a coffee in hand and enjoy a nice hearty breakfast at one of Airlie Beach’s highest quality cafes. If you’re looking at making Denman Cellars a stop-off on your way home then be sure to try some of their famous wheat ale beer on tap.
Where: Shop G15, 33 Port Of Airlie Dr Airlie Beach QLD

#2 Airlie Creek Track

For those wanting to experience a great day of natural Airlie Beach landscapes but don’t feel like trekking too far out of the hustle and bustle of Airlie Beach (or walking a 28 kilometre track), the Airlie Creek Track is the perfect solution. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get the kids off their gaming console and have a family day of Airlie Beach sightseeing or you and the partner just need some alone time and want to truly experience something beautiful together, the Airlie Creek Track is a must.
Only 850 metres in length, be sure to travel slowly along the gravel footpath so you don’t miss out on any rare native plants and wildlife like the Whitsunday Bottle Tree and the endangered Proserpine Rock Wallaby which are only found in this region. The track takes you through a tranquil subtropical rainforest setting and finishes at a unique natural cascading rock pool area where you can spend your afternoon cooling off in style. Once you’ve had enough, you’ll also get to immerse yourself in views of the blue Coral Sea and Whitsunday Islands in the distance.
Where: Waterson Way Airlie Beach, Queensland
Cafe One 3

Delicious toastie, Cafe One 3 - Airlie Beach
Delicious toastie, Cafe One 3 – Airlie Beach

Located a close distance to the Airlie Creek Track, Cafe One 3 is perfect if you’re into your wholesome selections. Top off a great morning of picturesque views with some of the healthiest local organic food in the area. Thinking about taking your beloved dogs for some much needed exercise up the Airlie Creek Track? This K9 friendly cafe will make sure you have a place to refuel before or after you head off for spectacular views of Airlie Beach. While their coffee might be delicious, and leave you wanting more, it’s their fresh flavourful food that has customers raving about this wonderful little cafe. A common favourite for brekky is the lemon and pepper chicken toastie; however, you really can’t go wrong with any of the organic salad bar selections or deliciously fruit smoothie options.
Where: Waterson Way Airlie Beach QLD
Are you a lover of natural attractions? Tell us what cafes you visit while sightseeing in Airlie Beach.