Sandbar – SKYCITY Darwin

Ocean view, Sandbar – SKYCITY Darwin

This is the ideal location to sit back and relax with your best friends after a working week. The have recently revamped Sandbar with a completely newlook. This super spacious lounge bar will entice you to really drink the night away especially when they host champagne Fridays. They have a fully equipped bar with talented mixologists who are ready to whip up an outlandish cocktail or pour you a crisp glass of your favourite Sauvignon Blanc. Sandbar boasts some seriously groovy entertainment and while you’re there feast your eyes on the gorgeous views of the Arafura Sea. Enjoy a Singapore Sling or a classic frozen Margarita at Sandbar this evening.

Lotus SKYCITY Darwin

Interior shot, Lotus – SKYCITY Darwin

This is a high class cocktail lounge sporting a flirtatious and sexy vibe, so it is the prime place to take your lover for a night of cheeky fun. Taste your way through their extensive list of French bubbles and completely immerse yourself in everything Lotus bar has to offer. This is the place to be seen, so get dressed to impress with your best friends and feast your eyes and ears on the live entertainment. To make the most of your magic hour Lotus is the ideal spot to spend twilight and enjoy watching the sparkling sunset. Deemed Darwin’s finest bar, the opulent interior at Lotus cannot be missed if you are planning on visiting Darwin or you’re looking for a destination that will impress your lover.

Terrace Bar SKYCITY Darwin

Interior setting, Terrace Bar – SKYCITY Darwin

This is a blissful poolside drinking destination within SKYCITY that will really ignite your inner party animal. You can unwind with a Bloody Mary or amplify your energy with an Espresso Martini made with the finest vodka around. They have an exquisite snack and light meal menu that you can indulge in while admiring the shimmering pool. They open at 12pm everyday so come in early for an afternoon drink or later for something a little stronger. Darwin’s tropical environment is maximised at the Terrace Bar, so don’t miss out on visiting this second to none dining and drinking venue.

Bar8 SKYCITY Darwin

Ladies enjoying cocktails, Bar8 – SKYCITY Darwin

If you appreciate an astonishing sparkling wine menu, Bar8 is the ideal place to congregate with your colleagues or significant other to wind down. Bar8 is extremely cosy and the decor will make you feel tranquil and comfortable. This is perfect especially now that summer has passed and it is cooling down slightly. Order a bottle of Moet, Mumm or Veuve if you want to celebrate in style or feel like a more lavish night out. Sip on some delicious imported beers with your best friends and soak up everything Darwin has to offer.

Aces SKYCITY Darwin

Cheers, Aces – SKYCITY Darwin

This bar has a far more relaxed setting and adds a great dynamic to the selection of drinking venues within SKYCITY. Aces has only just opened and is notorious for being the go to venue for live sports and entertainment. Enjoy a stellar lineup of live performances or huddle around the big screens with your friends and watch the game. They have a hearty menu with items such as the 9-inch hot dog, nachos, fries or share an American platter with your favourites.
Where: Gilruth Avenue, The Gardens, NT, 0820