Get the right leash

There are no set rules when it comes to leash selection, as it’s all about what feels most comfortable for you and your dog. Flexi-leads are good for when you’re in a park or reserve and there is plenty of space for your dog to play and have fun. However, avoid using it in areas of high foot traffic as the lead can become easily tangled. Both leather and nylon leashes are fairly popular choices as they are comfortable to use, however we’d suggest avoiding metal leads as these are much heavier and can be uncomfortable for your dog.

Easy tiger

Whether your dog is continually chasing after local wildlife or they’re are just naturally enthusiastic during their walk, constant pulling on the lead can be stressful for both of you. If your pet is extremely reactive, try to walk them at times where there will be less distractions. Also, to stop the pulling there’s a range of head halter collars available on the market, or you can speak to your local Wyong vet about a few helpful techniques to use during your walk.

Get away from the garden

If your little pup goes brown nosing into your neighbour’s gardens, they’re putting themselves at risk when it comes to dangerous lawn and garden products. Insecticides, some mulch products and certain flowers can make your furry friend very sick, so make sure you keep a close eye on them!

Sit before play

While meeting new friends is half the fun when it comes to your dog’s walk, it’s important to make sure they’re not overexcited. Make sure your dog can sit on cue, before letting them play with a passer by – you can even reward them with a treat.

Don’t forget these

When walking your dog, it’s vital you don’t go empty handed. First and foremost, don’t forget your poop bags! Not only is it illegal not to pick after your dog, but you’d be missing a great opportunity to get rid of all those plastic shopping bags. Also, every walk is a training opportunity, so bring a few treats along and practice tricks and obedience in a more open environment – this will help make the walk more enjoyable for the both of you.

Need a vet?

If you’re noticing bizarre behaviour during your walks or your dog is showing signs of aggression and dominance, head to your local Wyong vet and seek some expert advice.
Bateau Bay Veterinary Hospital

Friendly  and caring team, Bateau Bay Veterinary Hospital - Wyong
Friendly and caring team, Bateau Bay Veterinary Hospital – Wyong

If you’re looking for a vet you can trust with your new pooch, look no further than Bateau Bay Veterinary Hospital. Offering a range of services, from de-sexing and vaccinations to surgery and X-rays, you can be rest assured knowing your furry friend is in safe hands. Whether you’re worried your dog may be sick or they just need a general check up, the staff at Bateau Bay Veterinary Hospital will be happy to help.
Where: 51 Wyong Rd Killarney Vale NSW

Stella Street Veterinary Clinic
Experienced staff, Stella Street Veterinary Clinic - Wyong
Experienced staff, Stella Street Veterinary Clinic – Wyong

Located in Long Jetty, the team at Stella Street Veterinary Clinic has been treating pups and other pets for more than 20 years. Using the latest veterinary equipment and medical practices, the staff here will help diagnose and care for your pet, all while treating them as part of the family. Are you struggling to teach your puppy the basics of obedience? They even run a puppy pre-school, which will help make your life as a pet owner that much easier. With a versatile range of quality products and services all at an affordable price, book an appointment at Stella Street Veterinary Clinic for your precious pup today.
Where: 16 Stella St Long Jetty NSW

Have you got any tips for dog walking that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!