DIY: How To Make Your Own Wreath

August 10, 2015 - 1 min read

Do you want to make your own wreath for Christmas decorations, a party or just for your own home decor? Here are some simple steps to follow to make your very own wreath!

One great thing about creating your own wreath is that you’re in charge! Whether you’re a fan of bright colours or prefer to keep it simple with pale creams, it’s completely up to you. Check out this simple guide to creating a beautiful wreath!

What you need:

– Choose a selection of artificial flowers
– Hot glue or super glue
– Wire cutters
Optional: you can can either purchase a pre-made stick wreath from a DIY supply store, or make your own following the steps below:
– 1 wire coat hanger
– A selection of twigs (roughly the same size and shape)
– Florist’s wire

How to make a stick wreath:

– With wire cutters, snip the hook off of the hanger.
– Trim your twigs to around 25cm in length.
– Bend your hanger into a circle.
– Wrap the florist’s wire around the circular hanger, covering the entire surface.
– Again, with the florist’s wire, start fastening the twigs to the hanger, making sure they’re completely secure.

How to decorate:

– Clear a surface that’s big enough for all of your supplies—remember, ‘tidy space, tidy mind’.
– With your wire cutters, trim the flowers off the stems. Don’t worry about making them all even—different lengths will only add character!
– With your glue, carefully stick each flower to the wreath frame. Remember to keep it uneven, as this will make the final product look more natural.
– With florist’s wire, create a little loop at the top of design—this will allow you to hang up your wreath!

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