DIY guide to giving a relaxing rub

June 30, 2015 - 1 min read

We all love receiving a massage, but may find it not so easy to give someone a massage. Here are some simple tips to help!

Communication is key

Obviously everybody has a different massage preferences, so it’s important to ask them how much pressure they’d like before you start. Unless your partner asks for a firm massage take it as a rule of thumb not to be forceful. You want to be firm enough that you feel the muscle move under the skin, without irritating them. Be sure to go a bit harder when you find a knot for extra tension relief.

Slow and steady

Not only will rubbing too fast irritate your partner’s muscles, but they won’t be anywhere near as relaxing. Working slowly, using only the tips of your fingers and thumbs will ensure a more intense relaxation experience.

Avoid bones and joints

When it comes to relieving stress and giving a relaxing massage, you want to focus solely on the muscles. Don’t push directly on any joints or bones – particularly the spine – as this can cause pain or even injury. Does your significant other have a skinny build? You have to be extra careful as there’s only a small amount of muscle tissue separating your hands from their bones, and therefore applying to much pressure can cause bruising.

Choose your focus areas

Everybody is different when it comes to getting a massage. Ask your partner if they have any areas of preference and be sure to avoid sensitive areas which may have them jumping or uneasy. If you graze over a sensitive area, your partner may not be able to properly relax and it can ruin the entire massage.