Dining room alternatives for your home

July 15, 2015 - 2 min read

Having a dedicated, formal dining room has become less popular as homeowners now prefer more living space to dining space. Rather than having a whole room for a traditional table and chairs, entertainment areas and flexible eating spaces are becoming more prevalent in the modern home.

If you don’t have space for a whole dining room, or would prefer to dedicate that room to a hobby or passion, check out these ideas below for a few fun alternatives! We’ve even found some local carpenters and kitchen renovation specialists to help you with your project.

Eat-in kitchen


Eat-in kitchens are a very popular option at the moment; by extending your island bench or dedicating a corner of the room to a table and chairs, this makes for the perfect place to entertain and have dinner. Opt for bar-style table and chairs, or include a small bench or booth in the room for a compact dining table option. If you want a bit more privacy, install a room divider to separate the areas.

Portable dining

DIY table from 4men1lady blog

If you can’t decide where you want to eat dinner each night, why not try a table on wheels? This popular option is great for people who don’t want to clutter the house with excess furniture, and can easily be moved around in the house to accommodate dining, study or work. Keep a few stools or small chairs in a cupboard to accompany your table.

Fold-down table

Another great option for those living in a tight space is a fold-down table (also known as a Murphy table). A fold-down table can double as a place to hang artwork, as a storage cabinet or a chalkboard—whatever you would like! When you need it, just fold your free-standing table down from the wall and then pack it back up at the end of the night to give you some more space.

Outdoor dining


Outdoor dining is particularly popular in tropical cities across Australia, as people make the most out of the fantastic weather. Turn your backyard patio or deck into a dedicated dining area with some hardy outdoor furniture. You can even build in a barbecue or outdoor pizza oven to make it the perfect entertainment area. Install some bifold or rolling doors installed, so you can turn your outdoor area into a weatherproof room during the colder months or the rain.

A multi-purpose room

Box Kitchen

Some of the most beautiful and striking dining areas are in places you would never expect them to be—a library, an art studio, a greenhouse. By positioning your dining area in the room dedicated to your passion, and the things you love most, it makes for the perfect place for you to retreat to and enjoy a delicious meal. It also saves space for those two things you love: your hobby, and food!