Create the ultimate teen haven!

August 17, 2015 - 1 min read

Your precious baby isn’t so little anymore, and while they’re still under your roof, it’s a good bet they’ll be spending more and more time in their room! While they’re at that blossoming time of their lives, why not help them along by making their personal space blossom as well? With the ultimate teen haven, you can let them know that you respect their space, and allow them to respect it as well. Read on for some fantastic teen room ideas that’ll blow them (and you) away!

The biggest part of planning a revamp in your teen’s bedroom is to let them in on the process. Your ideas may clash with those of your mysterious teenager, so for a happy reveal at the end, be sure to include them every step of the way. It’ll also be a great bonding experience!

Let the colour scheme reflect their personality


What are their interests? Do they take a shine to science, art or sport? A great colour scheme is the foundation to any brilliant room, so put this on the top of your planning list. Whether you opt for bright walls, dramatic dark colours or even patterned wallpaper, a simple touch of their interests will make the space theirs.

Add a funky headboard


If your teen’s room doesn’t have enough space for a study, you can be sure that they’ll spend a lot of time using their bed as a multi-purpose seating area. Adding a comfy, durable headboard will give them support while they watch TV, study or just relax.

Transition from “little princess” to “big princess”


If you’ve got yourself a girly girl, it’s probably time to update all her princess decor. While neutralising pinks is a great start, consider extras, such as creative lighting. A beautiful pendant light matched with a canopy bed could be just the thing help her room reflect a princess vibe, while also keeping up with her age.

Add a dresser


For the ultimate multi-purpose storage solution, put a dresser in their room. A vanity-like cabinet, complete with drawers and a mirror, is perfect for all of your son or daughter’s clothes and knick-knacks—they’ll also have a handy mirror for getting all of those selfies just right!