Colourful Hair Trends 2015

August 29, 2015 - 4 min read

Wanting to spice up your hair life? Take a look at the different looks you can achieve with the help of your local salon.

Cotton Candy-Coloured Hair

In 2014, solid bold colours like blue, purple and green were all the rage. In 2015 however, a more subtle approach has emerged called cotton candy or pastel hair.

How to Achieve the Look

At Home: if you have bleached, light or blonde hair, you may wish to try dying your hair a pastel colour at home. Many companies now carry pastel colours (such as Manic Panic) and it is as simple as following the packet instructions.
At a Salon: if you are not confident with a makeover at home or have dark hair, you will need to visit a salon near you. Show them plenty of photos of the exact shade you are after and make sure you understand the process that will happen on your hair. They’ll be able to add more depth than an at-home colour.

Caring for Cotton Candy-Coloured Hair

As non-traditional hair colours are normally a semi-permanent dye, the colour will tend to start fading after the first or second wash.
Try these tips to extend your colour:

  • Avoid heat-styling tools
  • Wash your hair with colour-protective products
  • Apply a hair mask once or twice a week
  • Reapply the colour every 2-3 weeks
  • Use dry shampoo to extend your wash

Temporary Cotton Candy-Colour Hair

If you want to try before your dye, hair chalk or pastel hair extensions are a great way to test the look.
To see a range of different pastel hair shades, click here.

Coloured Ombre and Mermaid Hair

When Kylie Jenner stepped out with mermaid locks, coloured ombre became the hair trend of the year. Featuring mainly shades of blue, green and purple, mermaid hair is reminiscent of the ocean, while coloured ombre has been seen in every colour in the rainbow.

How to Achieve the Look

At Home: depending on the end result you want, you may be able to create this look at home. If you have light coloured hair you will not have as much trouble, but if you want a bold, bright ombre effect and you have dark hair, you may wish to visit a hairdresser to bleach your hair or ends. To achieve the look, use a dye brush to apply dye to the ends of your hair and blending the colour upwards for a gradual colour bleed. Carefully wash the dye out once it has sat for the time advised on the box.
At a Salon: before diving in, talk with your hairdresser about exactly the look you want, showing them photos and asking how to best achieve the colour with your current hair colour and condition.

Caring for Coloured Ombre Hair

Again, these colours do fade quite quickly, but there are many things you can do to keep your colour for longer.

  • Only wash your hair in cool or lukewarm water as hot water strips hair faster
  • Skip shampoo when washing your hair and use colour-safe conditioner instead
  • Avoid swimming pools that contain chlorine

Temporary Coloured Ombre & Mermaid Hair

If you want ombre or mermaid hair, you don’t need to dye your hair. By purchasing clip-in hair extensions and having a professional create the look custom to your hair on the extensions, you can have the look whenever you like!

Silver Hair or ‘Granny Style’

Silver hair has been widely debated-whether it is the hair fail of the season or biggest success. Personally, we love it! Shades have ranged from frosty white with a blue tone to shiny grey.

How to Achieve the Look

At Home: the process can be quite difficult, but if you are comfortable with your knowledge of bleaching (if you have dark hair), applying toners and selecting a grey hair dye, you can give it a try.
At a Salon: Look at plenty of photos to select the granny style you are comfortable with. The hairdresser may suggest a slightly different approach, depending on your current hair colour and condition.

Caring for Silver Hair

As it is quite dark, grey hair dye will last longer than bold coloured dyes. You will need to touch up your roots every 4-8 weeks, depending how quickly your roots show and how often you wash your hair.

Temporary Silver Hair

Dying your hair silver or grey is quite a leap, whatever hair colour you have and it does not suit everyone. Try a professional quality wig on for a weekend to see if you want to change your hair.

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