Classic Car Restoration Tips For Beginners

November 13, 2015 - 4 min read

Isn’t there just something special about classic cars? Before you go restoring one, you’ll want to know these handy tips about how to choose the right car to restore and raising its value, amongst other tips.

Restoring a classic car is a great hobby and can potentially serve as a second source of income if you have both the time and money to dedicate to the project. Knowing where to start and what to look for when first starting a classic car restoration can be daunting, but we’ve researched some top tips for beginners. Read on to find out how to restore your classic car to its prime condition.

Top 4 Tips for Restoring a Classic Car

1. Choosing A Car For Restoration

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If you’ve already got a car ready for restoration, you can skip this first step. However choosing a car that will meet your expectations once completed is the most important step.

Here are the top things to consider when choosing a car to restore:


If you’re restoring a car with the intention to sell for profit, make sure the expected value after restoration is more than the cost of purchasing the car and the restoration. The choices you make when restoring your car will also affect the end value of the car.

Parts Availability

Before purchasing a classic or muscle car for restoration, check online and at your local parts dealerships for availability of parts for that make and model. Sometimes the parts may no longer be available, or it could be very difficult to find them.

Working Order

Whether you’re looking to use your car as a quick-turn around for profit, a showpiece or as a trusted road car, the car will eventually need to be in running condition. If you’re budget for restoration is quite small, make sure the car you buy is already in working order. See below on more things to look out for.

2. Finding What Needs To Be Done


The car you’re looking at restoring may look like it just needs a lick of paint, but a thorough inspection is needed to check for any bigger issues.

Here are some problems to look for when restoring a classic car:


Rust is one of your cars worst enemies. Look for major rusting and any damage such as corrosive holes, as large amounts of rust may mean a lot of time and money.

Check The Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)

You may have heard people talking about having matching VIN numbers. Having matching VIN numbers will mean the car still has its original parts. Ensure to check the number on the engine, transmission and rear axle are all the same. These matching numbers will help raise the value of the car.


Checking the cars mileage numbers may help you understand how well the car has been cared for and potentially negotiate a better price. If the car has a lot of miles but is in great condition, don’t get too concerned. However, if its got low mileage but isn’t in such great condition, try and negotiate a lower price.

3. Raise The Value

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Looking to raise the price of your classic car?

These tips will help you get the possible price from your old-school car:


Before touching a thing on the car, do your homework on what the car would have looked like at the time of its release. The paintwork is a huge focus point. Make sure the body colour and any features match the original colours and design.

Trim & Moldings

It’s a huge bonus if the car comes with the original, undamaged headlamp cases, door handles and badges. If your luck isn’t that good, try and find originals from a parts trader or very similar.

4. Get a Trusted Team

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Unless you know what you’re doing from start to finish, research the best mechanic, upholsterer, panel beater, parts dealer and car repairs workshops to suit both your budget and your needs. You can find all these and more on LocalSearch.

To help you out with your classic car restoration project, we’ve researched somewhere you can find parts and someone to help you fix any exterior problems!

Sampson’s Car Repairs

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