Christmas Storage Hacks for 2021

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but packing it all down isn’t as joyous. We’ve provided some of the best ways to store your Christmas decorations, keeping them in good condition and ready for the next year. Keep reading to find out how to store your decorations…

Christmas storage hacks may be your saving grace when January comes and it’s time to pack down the tree and lights. If you’re anything like me, you’ll soon find yourself in a bit of a pickle with no where to store your 2020 decorations — oops. 

Instead of throwing out your decorations you don’t have room to store them this season, try some of our simple 10 Christmas storage hacks. You’ll be surprised how decorations can repurposed throughout your home all year round. There are so many easy ways to store your Christmas decorations around your home.

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9 Easy Christmas Storage Hacks

1. Repurpose your tree lights as table decorations.

Do you use battery-powered Christmas lights on your tree? If so, don’t bother placing them in storage for the next 11 months — these lights make great table decorations. 

Now, we don’t mean just sprawl your Christmas lights on the table willy-nilly. Head to your local homewares store and pick up a terrarium jar, place your lights under the dome and done; you’ve got yourself a beautiful table decoration.

2. Use coat hangers to store outdoor lighting.

Have some spare room in a closet? This is another great place to store outdoor lighting, and no we don’t just mean tangled in a box on the floor. 

Get some coat hangers and loop your lights around them before hang them in the closet as you would any old coat. The best part is they won’t be tangled next year when you go to use them again!

3. Storing baubles in wine boxes.

Who doesn’t have a few wine boxes hanging around after the Christmas holidays? Empty wine boxes are a great way to store delicate baubles and ornaments. They are already pre-sectioned so you can sort your decorations by colour, size or theme. 

For extra safety, add some bubble wrap or tissue paper.

4. Store your baubles in egg cartons.

You may not have a wine box hanging around, but we’re sure you’ll go through a few cartons of eggs with your Christmas baking this year. Egg cartoons are a safe, environmentally friendly and cheap solution to storing your baubles. The best part is your decorations won’t be tangled when you go to hang them on the tree in 2021.

5. Old stocking to keep your candles fresh.

We all have a favourite candle we light around Christmas time, and if you don’t, we suggest you treat yourself to one this festive season. However, it’s difficult to time the end of your candle with Christmas Day and burning it after the day has passed is simply not an option. 

Therefore, to keep your candle fresh and safe from dust, all you’ll need is an old (and clean) stocking. Simply cut the foot off the stocking and slip it over the candle, secure with a knot and place it in a safe place ready for Christmas 2021.

6. Divided storage boxes are your best friend.

While you’re shopping for gifts this silly season, keep your eye out for storage boxes with built-in dividers. These will be your best friend when it comes to packing down the tree in January. Use the box to separate garlands and tinsel so you don’t end up with piles of knots come next Christmas.

7. Use cardboard to wrap lights and garlands.

We all have spare cardboard when Christmas day comes around, whether it’s from toys or gift boxes. Place any cardboard aside on Christmas day then cut it into neat rectangles. When it comes to taking down garlands or lights, wrap them around the card and place them in a box for neat knot-free Christmas storage.

8. Wrap your ribbon around a paper towel holder.

There is nothing harder to store than left over ribbon, especially when you have annoying amounts left. One of my personal favourite Christmas storage hacks is to take an old paper towel holder, or grab one from your local dollar store and wrap your ribbons around it. Use a small amount of tape to secure the ends, then slide away for easy storage till next year.

9. Hang your wreaths on a clothing rack.

Wreaths are incredibly annoying to store, mostly due to their shape and size. So, instead of struggling to find the perfect sized box for your wreath this year, wrap it in a plastic bag, or small garment bag. Take the wrapped wreath and hang it on a clothing rack, along with your lights and other accessories.

10. Crush up your leftover candy canes.

Candy canes are the classic treat of the silly season, but as a results we all often have lots left over. Instead of throwing them away, crush them up in a food processor or blender then sprinkle peppermint dust all over your coffees every morning in January. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

If you really don’t have any room to store your Christmas decorations, get in contact with your local storage solutions business. 

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