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December 3, 2015

Star Tips For Choosing The Perfect Hairstyle

Renee Zellweger’s Choppy Bob American actress Renee Zellweger is recognised internationally for her cute, baby face and choppy bob. The choppy bob is a great haircut if you have more rounded contours to your face. Asymmetrical styles, which are cuts in a variety of lengths, as well as longer layers, defined pixie cuts and angled bobs, will […]

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November 28, 2015

Top 5 Types Of Antique Furniture For Your Home

#1 End Tables Antique end tables are super versatile and can go anywhere in the home. They’re great because they make awesome focal points, as well as storage savers. Whether you choose to adorn your end table with a vase of flowers, books, candles or nothing at all, an antique end table never goes out […]

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Make a will so you will have the final say
November 27, 2015

No Will? No Way!

Make a will so you will have the final say

Let’s get rid of common misconceptions first. If you die without a will, your estate does not automatically go the state. First dibs go to your eligible relatives. If you have no eligible relatives, then the state gets it. Got it? Good. If No Will, Who Gets Your Assets? A spouse or a de facto […]

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November 24, 2015

8 Reasons Why You Need Netflix

#1 It’s Cheap Netflix plans start at $8.99 per month* and for that small price, you’ll get access to a massive range of ad-free TV shows and movies to watch whenever you want. There’s a subscription plan for everyone, be sure to check them out. *At the time of publication. #2 Easy Access Like we […]

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November 19, 2015

Home Modifications For Your Ageing Relatives

Home modifications for the elderly range from minor to major works, and there are multiple organisations across Australia that specialise in providing the elderly with Assistive Technologies and home maintenance programs. For more comprehensive information, check out Independent Living Centres Australia, Home Modifications Australia or your State Government site. Here are a few of the […]

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November 13, 2015

13 Freaky Facts About Friday 13th

#1 The number 13 There are many origins behind the “unlucky” number 13: In Christianity, Judas Iscariot (the disciple who betrayed Jesus) was the 13th to take his place at the table. Apollo 13 was the only unsuccessful moon mission. Traditionally, there used to be 13 steps leading up to the gallows. The list goes […]

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October 25, 2015

Floriography: The Art of Sending Meaningful Flowers

A background on floriography Dating back to the Victorian Era, floriography was basically the texting of its time. Back when many conversation topics were seen as inappropriate (and by many, we mean pretty much EVERYTHING), Victorian lads and ladies began devising a secret way to communicate: by sending one another flowers. The older generation saw […]

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October 16, 2015

What Musical Instrument Is Right For Your Child?

There are a whole range of musical instruments that are usually offered throughout primary and high school—it’s never too late to learn the art of music! Here’s some insight into the main types of musical instruments that your child may be able to learn at school. Strings Violin, viola, cello & double bass – usually […]

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October 13, 2015

4 Simple Tips For Buying A New Car

1. Do your research When it comes to buying anything, Google is your best friend. Read up on the make and model of car you want and the different options available. You can also fin other people’s reviews on different cars too. By the time you walk into the dealership you’ll be well equipped to […]

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Ensuring Your Bike Is Perfectly Matched With You

1. Saddle-to-Stem Distance Take your elbow and lean it against the front of your saddle. The distance between saddle and stem is correct if your middle finger is touching the middle of your steer tube. 2. Saddle Height Place your armpit on the saddle of your bike and hang your arm down towards the pedal. […]

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