Just purchased a boat and don’t know the first thing about maintenance? Your boat requires constant care if you want to it to keep it in tip-top condition. Leaving your boat in the backyard or not properly washing it after use will cause early onset rust and corrosion, as well as accelerated wear and tear. If you want your boat to live a long and happy life, check out our easy-to-follow boat maintenance tips!

Basic Cleaning & Care

If you don’t want to accelerate the wear and tear process on your boat, regular cleaning and care is compulsory—particularly if it’s exposed to the elements while not in use. Regular maintenance combined with a boat cover will help prevent long-term damage from the sun, dirt, falling leaves, droppings and harsh weather conditions.

Be Careful Of Corrosion

If you love spending time reef fishing or cruising by local beaches, then saltwater corrosion is your boat’s worst enemy. If you don’t thoroughly wash your marine craft with freshwater and soap after use, then it can have harsh decaying effects on your boat’s motor, electrical equipment and other internal parts. Many boats will have a port built into the motor so you can connect your garden hose and give it a good flush. Never take any shortcuts when cleaning your boat after a saltwater adventure!

Battery Maintenance

If your boat isn’t getting regular use then it’s crucial that your battery is properly cared for. Every couple of weeks you should fire up your boat and test that it is properly charged. You need to ensure that it’s clean and dry, as dirt and dampness can kill your battery.

Motor Checks

Just like you would a car, it’s important that you’re regularly monitoring your boat’s oil levels. This is also a good time to inspect your boat’s motor for any early warning signs of rust, corrosion or damage.

Bilge Pump Checks

A boat owner’s worst nightmare is to have their pride and joy sink. Without a functioning bilge pump to pump excess water from the bottom of your boat, it’s a very real possibility. When performing your motor checks and battery maintenance, you should also try running your bilge pump for an extended period to ensure it’s working 100%.

Use It!

The worst thing for the health of your boat is leaving it to rot in your backyard.  Not only will your cranking battery go dead, but fuel in your motor’s feed system will deteriorate and build up in boat’s engine components. Whether it’s a bit of fishing, skiing or just a Sunday afternoon cruise, get your boat off its trailer and into the water. After all, you didn’t buy a boat for it to collect rust, did you!?

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