Best waves and cafes on the Gold Coast

June 4, 2015 - 3 min read

Live like a Gold Coast local and try out these places to catch a wave and then grab a bite. Here are some local gems you have to try out on the coast!

The Alley – Currumbin

A good day at The Alley
A good day at The Alley

This wave is a popular for it’s shape, size and consistency, and is popular with many who live on the coast. Either paddle out from the beach – or if you’re confident – jump off the rocks straight into the take-off section. After surfing this spot, head down to Cafe Caribou in Tugun for a well-deserved meal.
Cafe Caribou

Do you love espresso? Cafe Caribou - Gold Coast
Do you love espresso? Cafe Caribou – Gold Coast

Located on Four Drive, Cafe Caribou is a short drive from The Alley and the perfect place to relax at after a long surf. Here you can enjoy some of the best coffee around. Do you love espresso? So do the team at Cafe Caribou! If you’re feeling a little low on energy after the waves, check out their awesome menu that serves up a bunch of tasty brekkies and wholesome lunches. Swing by Cafe Caribou for the ultimate post-surf location.
Where: 443 Golden Four Drive Tugun QLD 4224

Burleigh Heads

Rolling waves in Burleigh
Rolling waves in Burleigh

On the right day, Burleigh heads can produce rolling waves and long barrels. Like everywhere along this coastline, it is perfect for regulars, due to its point break, right-hand wave. It can get pretty busy here, so if you’re not confident surfing in a crowd, perhaps try somewhere quieter. Before you jump in, run down to Burleigh Social for a shot of caffeine.
Burleigh Social

Friendly staff, Burleigh Social - Gold Coast
Friendly staff, Burleigh Social – Gold Coast

If you’re looking for somewhere with quirk and charm, we suggest you take a seat at Burleigh Social. This cafe is pretty much as cool as it gets, offering contemporary decor, a relaxing layout and an abundance of delicious food to top it all off. If the sun is shining, plant yourself down on their outdoor seating and relax with a perfectly poured coffee. Whether you’re visiting before the waves or filling up after, don’t miss out on this social hub in the heart of Burleigh.
Where: 2 Hibiscus Haven Burleigh Heads QLD 4220


Shot of a storm over Currumbin beach, Gold Coast
Shot of a storm over Currumbin Beach

Year round, Currumbin is a pretty popular beach break on the coast. On an easterly swell this location really comes into its own, producing right and left handed waves, which are hollow and fun. Like all locations, if you’re not that experienced it is always recommended to stay out of the water, or surf with someone who knows the area. Grab some food at Department Of Coffee if you’re keen to surf this break.
Department of Coffee

Cool decor, Department of Coffee - Gold Coast
Cool decor, Department of Coffee – Gold Coast

If you’re heading to Currumbin but first need to swig down your daily dose of caffeine, stop by at Department of Coffee where you’re guaranteed a perfect cup of joe. Home to a crew of fantastic staff and a welcoming atmosphere, this spot is the ideal location to relax and enjoy a delicious feed before wrestling the waves. If you’re surfed out and need something to eat, we suggest diving into the vegetable ratatouille and lentil lasagne. Whatever you’re after, Department of Coffee serves it up – so don’t miss out!
Where: 3/1136 Gold Coast Hwy Palm Beach QLD 4221
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