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Beer has taken hold of the world for over 8,000 years. It has come a long way since its days of being regarded as the safest way to stay hydrated, rather than drinking from your local water supply. These days, a trip to a Gold Coast bottle shop  can take you into a world filled with beers from across the globe that your tastebuds just cant wait to try. Although people have been brewing beer for centuries, it hasn’t always been as unique as it is today.
Whether you love all beer or are just looking for the one that you actually think tastes good, craft beer is becoming an increasingly popular choice in bottle shops  across the Gold Coast. Made in microbreweries, these unique beers are produced in small amounts and sometimes very unusual flavours. Finding your perfect beer might be a little more difficult, but with so many craft beer options out there all you have to do is head to your local bottle shop  on the Gold Coast and start tasting.
Looking for a Gold Coast bar that serves your favourite craft brew – check out the top 4 craft beer bars on the Gold Coast!
If you have no idea what a craft beer looks like let alone where to go to find them, we’ve listed some of the best local craft beer breweries and the Gold Coast bottle shops  that stock them.
The Burleigh Brewing Company
This small brewery in Burleigh on the Gold Coast started out as more of a science experiment. Today it has grown into a proud craft brewer, employing an internationally trained Brewmaster to lead the company, and their beers, to new heights. Utilising natural ingredients, this team are not strangers when it comes to taking a risk. And it’s paid off. As Queensland’s premium brewer, you can enjoy distinct Burlegh Brewing Co. craft beer flavours like ‘My Wife’s Bitter’ and ‘Figjam IPA’ in bars and restaurants throughout the Gold Coast. You can even grab a bottle to enjoy at home. Burleigh Brewing Co. craft beers are available in Cellarbrations and various other bottle shops across the Gold Coast.
Ferry Road Wine and Beer
This local Gold Coast bottle shop at the Ferry Road Markets has boutique beers that even the most experienced drinker might not have tasted. With a crew that is passionate about beer, you won’t be able to leave this store without buying a craft beer that you’re just as excited about as they are. From Banana Bread Beer through to Little Creatures, one trip to this bottle shop and you might have just found your new local.
Pickled Pig Brewary
This family owned and operated independent brewery might not technically be located on the Gold Coast but you can’t go passed their creative handcrafted beers. With a wide variety of lagers, ales, beers and more, they’ve become a bit famous for their take on an alcoholic version of every Aussies favourite – ginger beer. These local craft beers are available at their onsite bottle shop.
Your local Dan Murphy’sVintage Cellars and First Choice are also great places to sniff out a new brew. Locate the beer section and let your mind decide on where it’s going to take your tastebuds next.
Head down to your local bottle-o now and start your journey with craft beer.
If you know of any specialty liquor shops that we missed off the list, let us know below in the comments!

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