Beginners guide to pickling veggies

August 20, 2015 - 2 min read

Once you try some of the full-bodied flavours gained from pickling, you’ll never go back to boring old cracker toppings ever again!

No matter your palate, we’ve found some pickling recipes to suit! Check out some of these tantalising jars of goodness that you can make at home. We’ve also included some excellent Wollongong cafes where you can enjoy some homely cooking without having to clean up afterwards!

Garlic dill pickles

Why not make these classic pickled cucumbers yourself? Whether you eat them as is, or sliced into burgers and sandwiches, garlic dill pickles are a great addition to any meal. Pickling your own fresh cucumbers will be super satisfying, and they only take a week! Do you find your usual store-bought pickles to be a little tangy for your taste? By making your own, you have the opportunity to experiment with the flavour levels to create your perfect taste—get the full recipe here.

Marinated carrot with mint

During this particularly cold winter, you’ve probably eaten a fair amount of rich and hearty foods. This quick pickle recipe is packed full of flavour, and won’t add too much to your calorie count. It’s also super refreshing to the palate after an onslaught of meaty casseroles. The mint can be substituted for other herbs of your choice, such as parsley or coriander. Check out the full recipe here.

Pickled pears

Sweetness abounds when you pickle your fruits! These little jars make excellent gifts for friends, and are equally fun to make with others as well. The usual choice of pear for this pickle is the tiny Seckel pear, perfectly sweet and crisp—even if the fruit is slightly underripe, these will lead to a better end result. These mouth watering pears will look delicious as soon as you mix them with the brine—but trust us, wait a few days and eat with cheese and crackers, you’ll be in heaven! Get the full recipe here.

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