Tips to Beautify your Bathroom

August 8, 2015 - 2 min read

Looking to revamp your bathroom or decorate your new home? Here are some awesome tips and tricks to beautify your bathroom.

Fed up of that old bathroom suite? Or need to renovate the space for your growing family? The fact us there are so many ways to turn a sub-standard bathroom into something beautiful. Whether you’re keen to keep it simple with a walk-in shower, go all out with a glamorous bathtub, or make it multi-functional with a wet room, anything is possible when it comes to this room! For some great tips on things to remember when renovating your Bundaberg bathroom, as well as a few local professionals who can help you out, read on!

Consider how much light the room attracts

Before choosing what theme you’d like to incorporate into the room, it’s important to acknowledge how much natural light your bathroom attracts. If you find that your room has little-to-no sunlight, it may be worth investing in some new artificial types of light. For some great bathroom lighting ideas, click here.

Pick a theme that suits your home

If you’re keen to achieve a flawless-looking room, it’s best to choose a theme that matches the rest of your property’s interiors. This way you’ll be able to add something a little different through accessories rather than more permanent choices such as wall colours, that you may regret down the track.

Make the space practical and functional

One of the biggest things to consider when designing any new bathroom layout, is the shape and size of the room. By taking these details into account, you’re able to clearly identify what can be achieved within the space. For large open rooms, designs such as walk-in showers and centrepiece bathtubs are perfect. However, if your bathroom is on the smaller side, you may want to consider other designs such as built-in storage and wet rooms.

…and don’t forget about storage

When designing a bathroom, make sure you remember to include plentiful amounts of storage. Great places for this can include the space under the sink, modern shelving units and even secret cabinets disguised by mirrors. Although it can be a desirable idea to transform your bathroom into a minimalist haven, it won’t be fully functional unless you remember to leave space for those essential bits and pieces.

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