Bad advice #1: You need to take breaks in between wearing polish
People claim that you should take breaks in between wearing nail polish, to let your nails breathe. The truth is, your nails are dead skin cells anyway, and any cracked or damaged nails are usually due to your health and not your nail care. If you’re worried about weak or yellowing nails, there are plenty of home treatments to help keep them white—and these don’t involve skipping your regular mani.
Bad advice #2: You should file in both directions
Most people will naturally file their nails in both directions without even thinking about it, but this is a big no-no! Going back and forth with a nail file will promote nail splitting and chipping and generally weaken your nails. If you’re opting to file them yourself, choose a quality crystal nail file and pick one direction to gently file them back. This will keep those nails looking smooth and keep them healthy for longer.
Bad advice #3: Cut your cuticles back for the perfect manicure
Another common mistake with home nail care is cutting cuticles; while it may seem like a way to keep them looking good in the short term, it damages your nail bed and they will just grow back to look worse. If you’re concerned about how your cuticles look with your manicure, push them back slowly after getting out of the shower or soaking them in hot water. Also make sure to apply cuticle oil to your nails to keep them soft and healthy.

Do you need a professional for that perfect manicure? We’ve found some trusted beauty salons in Coffs Harbour who can help you out.
Beauty by Jeanette
For beauty treatments that extend beyond your regular manicure and pedicure, book in for a service at Beauty by Jeanette. Offering premium services such as facials, body scrubs and spray tanning, you can get your nails done alongside some extremely luscious beauty treatments. Why not pop in for a facial, and finish it off with a paraffin mani-pedi to keep your skin supple and soft? A visit to see Jeanette is sure to lift your spirits and leave you with fantastic nails, so make an appointment today!
Address: 30 Red Cedar Drive, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Distinctive Nails, Waxing & Massage
For the ultimate in professional nail care, book an appointment in with Donna at Distinctive Nails Waxing and Massage. Any manicure you can think of, from traditional French tips to beautiful acrylic creations, can be perfected by Donna. Offering amazing service with only the best in nail care, your new manicure will not only leave your fingers looking fantastic, but it will make sure they stay healthy, too! Book an appointment at Distinctive Nails, Waxing and Massage for your next mani-pedi!
Servicing: Boambee, NSW 

What’s the worst nail advice you’ve received? Let us know in the comments below!