Backyard Drainage Tips

September 4, 2015 - 2 min read

Stop your backyard from flooding by utilising these simple drainage tips. read on to find out how!

If your yard becomes a lake when it rains, it may have drainage problems. We have researched what causes poor water drainage and how you can easily fix the problem. Read on to find out how.

Why do you need to drain your yard?

Standing water (water that does not flow) in your yard has the potential to flood your home and your yard.

Problems include:

  • Water can seep the foundations of your home, causing cracked walls and mould.
  • Standing water can kill grass and plants.
  • Mosquitoes and other pests are attracted to water.
  • Not being able to enjoy your yard until the lawn is dry.

Having good yard drainage will prevent standing water from becoming a problem.

What Creates Standing Water?

Water entering your yard faster then your yard can drain it away from the surface is the cause of standing water.

Water sources include:

  • Rainfall.
  • Water being drained from your roof or driveway.
  • Overflowing pool or water tanks.

How to Stop Excess Water

Ensure Your Lawn is Aerated

Roots can create a thick barrier under the lawns surface, which can prevent water from draining away. You will need to have a landscaper (see our suggestions below) if this is a problem in your yard.

Check Your House Drains

If your drains are overflowing, there is a chance your drains could be blocked. Falling leaves and debris from trees can block your drains, so ensuring you have drain covers will prevent this from happening. To have a company install drain covers to your home, check out our suggestions below.

Re-Route Overflowing Water

After heavy rain, gutters, pools and tanks may overflow. Installing gutter and tank water diversion and have the water come out in an easily drained area.

Yard Drainage Options

French drains, also known as weeping tiles, is a small ditch around the foundation of your home with a pipe to allow water to drain away. This will help stop water collecting around your home, potentially damaging your house. They are often concealed with loose stones.

Yard Drains

If your yard often floods, a yard drain may help prevent standing water. A grated drain tile with access to a pipe will allow water to flow from the low-lying area of your yard to a catchment. This is a great option if you have a dip in your yard.

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