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August 14, 2015 - 1 min read

Are you feeling a little hungry but you’ve missed breakfast and its not quite lunch? Well lucky for you can can have brunch! An in-between snack, not quite a breakfast but not quite a lunch. Take a look at some yummy brunch ideas below.

Poached rhubarb on sourdough

To satisfy your sweet tooth, give this winning brunch recipe a try. Simmering rhubarb in selected spices and sugar will leave you with the best topping for toasted sourdough slices. Add your choice of custard, ice cream or yoghurt on top of the bread and sink your teeth into this sweet, crunchy treat.

Arabian buttered eggs with mint and lemon

When you have some time to make these beauties, you’ll definitely thank yourself! Putting a twist on the usual fried egg, this recipe combines Turkish flavours with a small amount of heat for an incredible brunching experience. If you’re a fan of the ever-tasty toasted Turkish bread, look no further for your go-to brunching option.

Brown rice and vegetable salad with basil dressing

If you want to lean towards lunch ingredients for brunch time, why not opt for a salad? This fresh and healthy option can use up some of your Sunday roast leftovers, making it perfect for a Monday pick-me-up. Add a few leaves of fresh basil and this rice dish will carry you right on through until lunchtime and beyond!

Haloumi French toast with chorizo and mushroom

Returning to our Turkish inspirations, this dish is perfect for your mid-morning cravings for a heartier dish. If you’ve never considered combining French toast and a grilled cheese sandwich into a single meal, but the idea excites you, give this recipe a try! Serve up fried chorizo and mushrooms for a decadent Mediterranean brunch hit.

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