Avoiding Theft: Tool Protection Tips

October 1, 2015 - 3 min read

Keep your expensive tools safe with these handy tips. Here is the best guide for all Australian tradies to make sure your tools don’t go missing!

If you’re not taking the appropriate steps to protect your tools, you’re leaving them vulnerable to the prying hands of desperate criminals. Having your tools stolen will not only cost you a pretty penny to replace, but could put you out of work. In order to better safeguard your ute and trailer from tool-stealing opportunists, check out our tips below.

Be Mindful On Worksites

With tight deadlines and busy schedules, it’s easy to leave tools lying around at your worksite. This will not only increase the chances of theft, but can be hazardous from a safety perspective. Always be diligent in putting tools away when you no longer need them and never leave your tools onsite overnight—unless they’re securely locked away in a container.

Don’t Tempt Thieves

Most tool theft is undertaken by opportunistic criminals. Thieves will drive around the neighbourhood searching for easy targets, where they can pull-up and take tools quickly. You can prevent this by keeping your ute or trailer off the street and parking it in the garage away from danger. If you don’t have a garage, you need to make sure you’re securing your tools in padlocked toolboxes and parking as close to your house as you can—try parking down the side of your house if possible.

ID Your Tools

Despite taking all the necessary steps to properly protect your tools, it’s impossible to 100% guarantee they won’t end up in some criminal’s hands. If your tools are going to get nicked, you want to give yourself the best chance of getting them back. Purchase an engraving tool and write down your name and driver’s licence number on all your tools. That way if police catch these criminals down the track and recover your tools, they can be easily traced back to their rightful owner!

Also, be sure to keep a comprehensive record of all your tools—from your most expensive drill right down to your trusty screwdriver. This will help you recognise when they go missing and assist with insurance claims.

Insure Your Tools

Thieves can strike when you least expect it. Give your insurance provider a call to double-check you’re covered for tool theft and what your terms and conditions are. The cost of insurance is far less, painful than having to replace expensive tools. You might even find there’s a silver lining if your policy offers new-for-old replacement!

Secure Storage

Thieves are far less likely to steel tools that are stowed away in padlocked toolboxes, than loosely placed in a tray or trailer.  In many cases, thieves will drive around looking to gain a quick score, so the sight of a shiny padlocked toolbox will make them look elsewhere.  Any tools that are too big for your toolbox should be secured using a heavy-duty padlocked chain.

Now you’re tools are safe, it’s time to protect some of your other assets: