Automatic or manual car transmission?

October 30, 2015 - 3 min read

The age old question for new drivers and people looking to buy a car; is manual or automatic transmission better? The answer? It depends. Browse our guide to find the best solution to your predicament.

Whether you’re buying a new car, or figuring out which licence type to select, our guide to automatic and manual car transmissions will help you make an easy selection. We’ve researched the pros and cons for both types of transmission and given you our findings. Read on to find out which suits you!

Automative versus Manual Car Transmission

Manual Transmission

Pros Of Manual Transmission

Manual Car 1

Better Control: Although automatic transmissions are designed to select the best gear for every situation, they can sometimes settle on the safest option—not necessarily the best. A manual transmission lets you take control and choose gears.

Sometimes Cheaper: In many cars, the exact same model car with a manual transmission will be cheaper than the automatic option. This isn’t always the case, but is quite common.

Cons Of Manual Transmission

Manual Car 2

Difficult To Use: Driving a manual car can take practice to learn and some people find it very difficult. Although this can normally be overcome with time and training, some people find it easier to stick with automatic.

Hill Starts: For a lot of people, starting a manual car on a hill (specially in a tight spot) can be terrifying. Again, with time and practice this can become easy.

Automatic Transmission

Pros Of Automatic Transmission

Auto Car 1

Easy To Use: Compared to a manual car, learning how to drive an automatic car is a piece of cake. Of course it does mean if you have an automatic license you can only drive automatic cars.

Easy For Heavy Traffic: Driving a manual car in traffic can be a lot of work with the constant stopping and starting. If you drive an automatic car, you can sit back and relax (as much as you can in traffic).

Cons Of Automatic Transmission

car on rainy road

Can Use More Fuel: Automatic cars have been known to use more petrol as it takes more power for the car to perform the task.

Hard To Drive In Wet Weather: It can be difficult to control an automatic car in wet weather compared to a manual car. You can adjust a manual car to suit wet conditions, where as an automatic can’t detect the changes.

Top Signs Of Needing A Mechanic To Check Your Transmission:

  • Check if engine light is on (normally means transmission)
  • Engine noise changes pitch or makes a ‘whirring noise’ when switching gears
  • Difficult to manually change gears
  • Transmission switches gears for no reason

If you’ve noticed any of these problems, get to a mechanic quick smart!

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