Coming to the end of his university degree in Psychological Science & Business, Sajith has opened a new chapter as a Localsearch digital marketing intern on the Gold Coast. He has a passion and interest in people, which is showcased by his ability to talk the ear off of most people he comes across. Sajith’s highlights are often made where there is adventure. Whether it’s spending his early days on the warm beaches of Sri Lanka, or volunteering in Cambodia, he has stories to tell which (he says) are worth your while! In an average week, Sajith loves spending time with his family, keeping active, forming new connections and honing his skills to create engaging content for Localsearch.

What Vegetables to Grow in Winter Australia

Sajith Meepe April 27, 2021 - 14 min read
Winter vegetable garden Australia

Looking to grow a vegetable garden this winter but not sure where to start? We’ve put together the 7 top tips to help get you started gardening this winter and as well as the top 6 vegetables to grow this cold season.

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