Australian Kit Homes 101

September 5, 2015 - 1 min read

Kit homes are a great way to build the home of your dreams or an investment property, while cutting building time and costs in the making. Our guide will show you why kit homes are a great idea and what you need before building one.

What is a Kit Home?

A kit home contains major parts of a home, such as walls, the floor and roof framing (inclusions vary). The pre-fabricated parts are then delivered to the block of land where the builder will assemble the pieces.

Kit House

Pros of a Kit Home

Reduced Build Time: As the main structure of the home is already completed, a kit home will usually take a few days to put together—plus a few months for the interior to be completed.

Customisable: Kit homes can be customised to suit any style or size you are after.

Kit House

What to Ask the Kit Home Manufacturer

Inclusions: Make sure you know exactly what is included in your package so you can budget for any extras you may need.

Geographic Hazards: Research any hazards, such as fire, or termite management, you may need to consider before choosing materials.

Energy Star Rating: Ask the manufacturer the energy star rating of the kit home. As part of your building permit, you will need to meet a 6 Star Standard.

Kit House

Personalise Your Kit Home

Doors & Windows: Create a unique feel to your home by choosing windows and doors to reflect your personal style.

Add a Verandah: Once your kit home has been built, consider having a verandah added onto your house as a finishing touch.

Landscaping: Even if you have chosen a basic kit design, creating a lush paradise outside will instantly add personality to your home.

Kit House Garden

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