Just Magic Skin Care Clinic 

Anti-ageing facial, Magic Skin Care Clinic – Mackay

If you desperately want to bring back that youthful sparkle to your face, Just Magic Skin Care Clinic in Mackay specialise in DERMAFRAC. This is a super effective technology that incorporates active ingredients to rejuvenate the dermal layer of your skin. The results for each client are simply astonishing. Your beautician will use a hi-tech hand piece to infuse an array of quality serums and skin peptides deep into your face. The results will be immediate and you can see how DERMAFRAC can reduce veins and burst capillaries clouding your face. This anti-ageing treatment will also drastically soften the visibility of fine lines. The treatment requires zero downtime and utilises the best technology in the business to bring a natural glow back to your tired zones.
Where: 17 Sydney Street Mackay, QLD
Beauty & Skin Solutions 
Suction Facial, Beauty & Skin Solutions – Mackay

A simple way to improve your look and diminish the signs of ageing is by undergoing a Radiant C facial at Beauty & Skin Solutions in Mackay. This is a perfectly sequenced facial that has been described as the ‘the bomb’ by beauty professionals. It includes a deep cleanse, cosmeceutical strength AHA/BHA, vitamins A/C/E topped off with a massage and brightening mask. AHA/BHA are types of acids that will target sun damaged and aged skin through intense replenishment and improving the moisture content of your face. Don’t let the word acid scare you off, these chemicals are the best ways to get fast result and bring your youthful glow back. It’s actually a very relaxing treatment with minimal discomfort.
Where: 15 Evans Avenue, North Mackay, QLD
BodyTech Mackay
Cellulite reduction, BodyTech – Mackay

Endermologie will change your life. This is the art of cellulite reduction, and BodyTech is the only salon in Mackay providing the number one cellulite treatment in the world. The way this treatment works is the beautician will go to work on your body with a motorised hand piece and rollers and exercising your bodies connective tissue. This is a treatment celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tyra Banks and Britney Spears have been advocates of for years. You can slim down your fat cells, smooth out cellulite and resculpt your figure back to your teenage days.
Where: 315 Alfred Street, Mackay, QLD
Mackay Skin Clinic
Anti-ageing, Mackay Skin Clinic – Mackay

This common problem that may leave you cringing in the mirror after your shower. Spider veins are small and enlarged or dilated veins generally surfacing on your legs and face. They are terribly annoying and can leave you feeling helpless. Spider veins are very common after pregnancy or if you have experience local trauma to your body. Don’t worry there is a great solution for this dilemma at Mackay Skin Clinic. Sclerotherapy is a technique used to target the spider veins by instilling an irritant solution into the vein using a very small needle. What this does is destroy the lining of the abnormal vessel and causes the spider veins to be replaced with imperceptible tissue. After several treatment the prominency of the spider veins will dramatically decrease or eliminate completely.
Where: 101 Shakespeare Street, Mackay, QLD
Pure Spa Mackay 
pure spa
Relaxation facial, Pure Spa Mackay – Mackay

Home to some of the greatest quality beauty products un Mackay, Pure Spa Mackay has treatments that are performed in their tranquil salon designed to give you instant happiness from the results. Are your eyes looking a little run down or crinkled? Maybe your skin is sporting a greyish tone that leaves you looking quite unhealthy. Try the ASAP Glycolic peel that is a deep exfoliating treatment which will invigorate and brighten your overall skin tone. The active ingredients improve your skins texture and encourage the production of new collagen which you stop producing after the age of 22. This ideal peel even aids in the decrease of skin congestion and will restore your face back to that dewy young feel.
Where: Upstairs Centerpoint, Victoria Street Mackay, QLD
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