If the list of taverns, breweries and pubs below just isn’t enough to quench your ‘beerbuds’, then click here to find a number of other locations in Port Macquarie where you can enjoy a classic schooner of ale.
Black Duck Brewery

Beer from the barrel, Black Duck Brewery - Port Macquarie
Beer from the barrel, Black Duck Brewery – Port Macquarie

Our first stop for you beer thirsty enthusiasts is Black Duck Brewery. Home to a range of delicious craft beers, whether you’re into pale ales, English bitters or dark stouts, this brewery can deliver. All beers are brewed, bottled and served on-site as well as occasionally carrying a few other small brewery beers on tap. If nothing satisfies your tastebuds more than the light bodied ale, make sure you order yourself a pint of Beach House Blonde; this brew carries a sweet, light citrus taste with a subtle bitterness – perfect to enjoy as a light afternoon ale.
Opening their doors from Thursday to Sunday each week, the Black Duck Brewery allows individuals to enjoy some of their most delectable, boutique beers alongside a Ploughman’s platter that includes local beer bread, ham, olives, relish and a few other delicious components. If this sounds right up your alley, be sure to call into the Black Duck Brewery to meet the team behind these delicious brews.
Where: 6 Acacia Avenue Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Finnian’s Irish Tavern
Lovely beer garden, Finnian's Irish Tavern - Port Macquarie
Lovely beer garden, Finnian’s Irish Tavern – Port Macquarie

Nothing quite beats an Irish pub, so if you’re looking for somewhere to sink a few premium brews in Port Macquarie look no further than Finnian’s Irish Tavern (Finnian’s for short). Sporting a vibrant and friendly atmosphere and an epic list of beverages, Finnian’s is the ideal spot to enjoy a stretched out evening. First to the beers; Choose from classic labels such as XXXX Gold and Coopers Pale Ale or go for something different like the Fat Yak Pale Ale or Little Ripper Sparkling Larger. Whatever you choose, you can rest assure your beerbuds are in safe hands when it comes to Finnian’s.
Everybody knows that there is nothing better than a good beer with an equally good meal, so if you’re feeling peckish find yourself a seat and browse over their traditional pub grub menu that includes classics such as beer battered fish and chips, chicken parmigiana and a selection of succulent beef burgers. Fancy something Irish? Order the Traditional Irish Stew and wash it all down with a glass of Guinness.
Where: 97 Gordon Street Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Town Green Inn
Friendly and welcoming, Town Green Inn - Port Macquarie
Friendly and welcoming, Town Green Inn – Port Macquarie

Known to many as TG’s, the Town Green Inn is a favourite location for both locals and visitors who are keen to soak up great hospitality in Port Macquarie. Whether your mind is focused purely on brew or a fresh approach to all things dining, this friendly and award winning location can deliver – but before you make any decisions regarding food, lets talk you through the beer. TG’s serve up a diverse selection of brews that can be delivered in either a middy, schooner or pint. If you visited the Black Duck Brewery earlier on and loved every second (or should we say drop), we recommend you order yourself a pint of their signature brew, Black Duck, to satisfy your tastebuds.
If a healthy supply of beer isn’t enough, check out their fantastic menu that includes delicious wood-fired pizzas and classic pub fare. For something truly delicious we recommend the pan fried pistachio and panko crumbed chicken breast, but whatever you decide to indulge in at TG’s, you definitely won’t be left disappointed.
Where: Horton Street Port Macquarie NSW, 2444
Are you a Port Mac beer lover? What is your favourite brew? We’d love to know!