How To Know If Your Child Needs Glasses


Squinting will reduce the size of the blurred image on your child’s retina, temporarily improving their vision. ​Your little one may squint often if they’re trying to compensate for poor vision.

Head Tilt 

​If your child is always tilting their head, it’s a tale-tell sign that they may be suffering from an eye muscle imbalance. This imbalance can cause double vision, which is less intense when they tilt their head. 

Sitting Too Close

Does your child sit too close to the TV? If so, then there’s a good chance they suffer some degree of near-sightedness. This eye condition means that they have clearer vision when focusing on something up close, but will struggle to see clearly from a distance. 

Closing One Eye

​Covering one eye when reading or watching TV is common practice when a child has good vision in one eye, but is trying to shut off the vision of a weaker eye. If your child is covering one eye and this is left uncorrected, they could be at risk of developing a lazy eye, cross eyes or a number of other eye-related conditions.

Watery eyes

Apart from being annoying, ​watery eyes can interfere with good vision. If your little one has watery eyes, it could be due to a condition where their eyelids don’t completely close when they are asleep, causing excessive tearing during the day. 

Eye Rubbing

If your child rubs their eyes constantly when they’re not tired, this may be a sign of eye fatigue. This symptom can be the result of a number of eye conditions and vision problems, so you should seek professional help from your local Townsville optometrist. 

Constant Headaches

​If your child won’t stop getting headaches, it could be due to them overexerting to compensate for poor vision.
Visit the Queensland government website for more information on eye checks, glasses and optical health

If your child is showing any of these signs, you should take them for a test at your local Townsville optometrist. We’ve featured a couple who will help diagnose any eye conditions and determine if they need glasses.

Northern Eyes
Address: Shop 7B Coles Deeragun Village, 31 Geaney Ln, Deeragun, QLD
Phone: ​(07) 4751 9911
With a range of quality services and products, Northern Eyes are your go-to Townsville eyewear and eyecare professionals. Their services include:

  • General eye examinations
  • Contact lens examinations
  • Children’s vision examinations (including behavioural testing) & more

This locally owned optometry business will assess your child’s vision and recommend the most appropriate corrective eyewear. For more information, visit the Northern Eyes LocalSearch profile.

Virginia Henry Optometrist
Address: Cnr Eyre & Gregory Sts, North Ward, QLD
Phone: ​(07) 4724 1700
If you think your child may have an eye condition, let the qualified team at Virginia Henry Optometrists take a look. Their services include:

  • General eye testing
  • Behavioural testing
  • Children’s vision testing
Virginia Henry Optometrist use all the latest equipment to help diagnose and treat your child’s eye conditions. Visit the Virginia Henry Optometrist LocalSearch profile for a full list of their services.

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