Here are a few things to remember when making your way to the Whitsundays on a family holiday.


First thing’s first, make sure everyone has all the necessary documents on them so they actually make the flight, i.e. ID, flight information, hotel contact numbers, emergency numbers, etc. Also, ensure that everyone has their phone, wallets and any medication or prescriptions items within arm’s reach.


It’s no secret that children aren’t as patient as adults. While the very thought of laying on a tropical beach is enough to get us through a flight, your children will need distractions. Whether it’s a laptop, iPad, handheld gaming device or a good old-fashioned colouring-in book, these are musts if you don’t want your little one to get irritable.

Think about the weather

While the Whitsundays is known for its warm tropical climate, it can still get pretty chilly during the winter months. Winter clothes are a must for the cooler mornings and nights. However, don’t forget to pack some sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat! Even though it’s winter, the intense tropical Whitsunday sun still has plenty of bite.

Always pack runners

While many people enjoy spending their holidays in thongs, there are a range of fun-filled activities which may require closed in footwear – and purchasing this while you’re there can be expensive, particularly for the whole family.

Waterproof camera

If you’re planning on going snorkelling or visiting the Great Barrier Reef be sure to bring a waterproof camera. While most people are content with their smart phone cameras, you won’t want to miss the one-of-kind memories below the surface.

Weigh your bags

Try to travel light so you can avoid paying for extra baggage. If you haven’t payed for extra baggage, be sure to weigh all the bags before getting to the airport. This will make sure you’re not charged the ridiculous excess baggage fees.

Affordable, family friendly Whitsundays accommodation

Reefside Villas

Luxurious accommodation, Reefside Villas - Whitsundays
Luxurious accommodation, Reefside Villas – Whitsundays

Located just a short drive from Airlie Beach’s CBD, Reefside Villas is home to luxurious yet budget-friendly rooms perfect for the whole family. With one, two and three-bedroom apartments available, it’s ideal for smaller families who want first-class facilities, in a great location. You can enjoy poolside views of the crystal blue Coral Sea and Whitsunday Islands, while the kids spend the day splashing around and having fun. With Mediterranean architecture and lush tropical surroundings, you really can’t look past the Reefside Villas for your family holiday.
Where: 12 Eshelby Dr Cannonvale Whitsundays QLD
Sky View Units
Relax by the pool, Sky View Units - Whitsundays
Relax by the pool, Sky View Units – Whitsundays

Situated away from the hustle and bustle of Airlie Beach in Bowen, spend a few nights with the family at Sky View Units for the perfect tropical escape. With affordable, self-contained accommodation, you’ll have more money for fun activities and adventures with the family. Whether you want to spend the day exploring the Whitsunday Islands or make use of the nearby beach and pool facilities, there’s always something to do when staying at the Sky View Units. Their two-bedroom apartments can easily cater for families of up to six, and include all the essentials you’ll need for your holiday. What are you waiting? Book your family in at Sky View Units today.
Where: 47 Horseshoe Bay Rd Bowen Whitsundays QLD

Do you have any more tips when packing for a family holiday to the Whitsundays? Let us know in the comments below!