6 tips for healthy complexions

July 17, 2015 - 2 min read

Is your skin looking a bit on the dull side? We have 6 tips to get your skin fresh and flawless in no time.

Check out these 6 tips for healthy, glowing complexions!

 #1 Cool showers

Although a hot, steamy shower may seem like heaven—especially in the colder months—cooler and shorter showers are better for your skin. This is because long hot water can strip your skin of its natural moisture and oils, making it dry and undernourished!

#2 Beauty routine

Establishing a regimented beauty routine can dramatically increase your skin’s wellbeing. Include cleansing and exfoliating as well as toning and moisturising to boost your skins health.

#3 Products

Picking the right products for your particular skin type is essential to good skin health. If you suffer from an oily complexion, it’s best to use water-based moisturisers and oil-free cosmetics. On the other hand, if your skin is dry, you may want to invest in some natural oil products to give it extra hydration.

#4 Water

Drinking water plays a big part in achieving a healthy, glowing complexion. Our bodies get dehydrated without enough water—including our skin! So make so you’re drinking enough!

#5 Diet

Altering your diet can make a big difference to your skin. Foods that are high in sodium (salt) are known to draw moisture from your body, leaving you dehydrated and dry—so try to avoid these types. This can include food that are high in saturated fats, such as potato chips, pizza and fast food.

#6 Facial treatment

Getting a regular treatment at your local beauty salon is a great way to help a gorgeous complexion flourish. There are a range of facials and skin treatments available, so be sure to talk to the therapist who will be able to choose the perfect one for you!


Have we missed your favourite beauty salon in Gosford? Perhaps you’ve got some hydrating tips you’d like to share? Whatever the case, tell us about it in the comments below!