Some cupcakes definitely are not worth writing home about. Sure, they do they job, but did they make you sit down and take a moment to enjoy the pure bliss? We have some of the most unbeatable cupcakes in Cairns for you to indulge your senses. But, please remember – everything in moderation.
Seven Stars Cupcakery

SevenStars (1)
Seven Stars Cupcakery – Cairns

Passionate about both exciting and traditional cupcake flavours, Seven Stars Cupcakery is home to some of Cairns’ best cupcakes. This cupcake store has been operating locally since 2010 and is only getting stronger. If you are going to taste some of Seven Stars creations, make sure you include a few of their specialty cupcakes in your selection. Banoffee Pie, Chocolate and Sour Cherry, Zucchini and Lemon, Chocolate and Beetroot, Raspberry Red Velvet and everything in between, this is just the beginning of what is sure to become a love affair with cupcakes.
Where64a Shields St, Cairns, QLD
cupkates (1)
Cupkates – Cairns

Whether it’s a special occasion or a ‘just because’, there is always a reason to treat yourself to a boutique cupcake. Customise a large amount of cupcakes for a party or pick up a few of Cupkates specialty flavours for yourself. Maple Bacon simply screams perfection with its cinnamon maple cupcake base topped with buttercream icing and candied bacon, this is one cupcake that even the blokes won’t be ashamed to be seen eating. Cupkates even offers workshops to help you decorate your own cupcakes at home (they may not taste the same, but at least they’ll look great).
Where: Inside Red Beret, 411 Kamerunga Rd, Redlynch, Cairns, QLD.
Cupcake Creations
cupcakecreations (1)
Cupcake Creations – Cairns

“A spoonful of laughter, a pinch of fun, sprinkle some happiness and decorate with love,” Cupcake Creations motto seems to be on point with their amazing spread of tasty treats. Established out of a love of baking and a creative desire, the team at this cupcakery bake cupcakes for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and any occasion you use as an excuse to enjoy one of their tasty morsels. Tiramisu, Raspberry and Coconut, Banana and Walnut… Start thinking of special occasions now so that you have an excuse to try them all.
WhereCivic Shopping Centre, 113-117 Sheridan St, Cairns, QLD.
Cake This
cakethis (1)
Cake This – Cairns

‘Edible art’ might be an understatement for this cake shops stunning cupcakes. Owner and operator, Juanita runs this amazing business out of her home. Whether you want traditional flavours or something with a twist, your cupcake is bound to look and taste amazing. Juanita runs her home bakery like a professional, with customised creations that come out looking like masterpieces. If you can manage to bite into your work of art, you won’t want the cupcake to end. Try one of the unique Rum & Raisin cupcakes with your choice of topping or frosting.
WhereVauclause Cl, Brinsmead, Cairns, QLD.
Passion for Cakes
passionforcakes (1)
Passion for Cakes – Cairns

Have you ever considered creating a wedding cake out of cupcakes? Passion for Cakes are experts when it comes to helping brides and grooms find the perfect alternative to the traditional wedding cake. No matter what your theme, this team of qualified bakers and decorators can help you mix the convenience of cupcakes into your wedding ceremony. It doesn’t have to be your big day to call Passion for Cakes! Take whatever type of event you’re hosting to the next level with a tasty cupcake tier from Passion for Cakes.
WhereMyalup Close, Kewarra Beach, Cairns, QLD.
LoveLeigh’s Cakery and Catering
loveleighs (1)
LoveLeigh’s Cakery and Catering – Cairns

As the self-proclaimed “home of Cairns most delicious cakery treats”, LoveLeigh’s Cakery and Catering has a big title to live up to. Boasting a selection of both sweet and savoury cupcakes, customers can choose between any flavour options, designs and colours. LoveLeigh’s chooses to be a fondant free cakery, opting for only the creamiest buttercream around (which they also claim to be the best in Cairns). Put these cupcakes to the test yourself!
Where165 Bruce Highway, Edmonton, Cairns, QLD.
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