The original mojito recipe
Knowing this recipe like the back of your hand is the first step to mixing up delicious twists.
– a shot of white rum
– fresh mint leaves
– lime
– caster sugar to taste
– soda water
– ice
Muddle the lime and mint leaves in the bottom of a glass. Add ice, and then the shot of white rum. Stir in caster sugar and finally fill the glass up with soda water. Garnish with extra mint leaves and serve!


For a watermelon mojito, take the original recipe, add a few chunks of watermelon and replace the soda water with ginger ale—voila! You’ll have a sweet and refreshing watermelon mojito in no time.


An elderflower mojito is as easy as adding in a twist of elderflower liqueur, and garnishing with edible flowers to serve. Delish! This sweet twist on the original is perfect for cocktail parties and celebrations with your girlfriends.


If you’d love a sour twist on a mojito, muddle some cherries in a glass with mint and lime, add in the white rum and replace the soda water with a lemon-based soft drink (such as Solo). Add sour mix to your tasting and garnish with a cherry!


A dark mojito is the mojito’s evil twin—using the same recipe, replace your white rum with a spiced dark rum and use ginger beer instead of soda water. It’s just as refreshing, though delivers a delicious rich flavour. This is a perfect unique twist for people who’ve tried everything else.


For the most delicate twist on the traditional mojito, opt for a rose mojito. To begin, muddle rose petals, mint and lime in a glass, and then add ice and white rum as per usual. Add in a shot of rose water, stir in caster sugar and then fill the glass with soda water.

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