5 Tips for Rural Living

September 22, 2015 - 2 min read

Heres our ultimate guide to living in rural Australia! We have 5 tips to make any move to the country side easy!

# 1 Don’t be afraid to get dirty

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When you move to the country you need to make dirt your friend, or you will never accomplish anything outdoors on your property. Whether you are living on lifestyle acreage or a meat, dairy or crop farm, you’re going to have to get down and dirty on a regular basis. From irrigating gardens and crops, through to moving stock and picking produce, these tasks still need to be completed in rain or shine. Your best option is to buy a pair of heavy-duty gumboots, suck it up and get messy!

# 2 Be prepared for anything

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In the country strange and unexpected events are a common occurrence, so you need to be flexible! From snakes dropping out of your chimney, to being chased by a cow with an anger management disorder, these scenarios do happen, so be prepared! I’d also suggest having a well-stocked medical kit… and liquor cabinet!

# 3 Make friends with your neighbours

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However annoying, eccentric and outright weird your neighbours may be, if you are rurally based, at some point you may need their help during an emergency, so it’s vital you strike up a friendship. It’s up to you whether you go to the extent of dropping off baked goods, or if you prefer to have an occasional cuppa and a chat, but do your best to build a relationship — you don’t know if they have a large gun cabinet! 

#4 Don’t attend a social event without bringing food

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If you’re invited to a private or community event in the country, remember to bring food, or your social invitations may dry up very quickly! You also need to be aware that in the country, meat is a staple, so if you think you are going to convert generations of carnivores with some of your home made veggie burgers, there’s a strong chance you will end up being bitterly disappointed!

# 5 Always know what’s happening with the weather

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If you are used to the anonymity of city living, then you are going to have to understand that everyone will be about your business when you are living in the country! To avoid spilling the beans on personal topics, and being the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons, limit conversation to discussing the weather.