5 Tips for First-Time Home Leavers

Are you about to fly the nest? Maybe you’re moving in with friends, your partner or moving to undertake further study. Regardless, it’s a big step and one that can be filled with a mix of emotions. We’ve put together our top tips and tricks for moving out of home to make it a little easier.

Are you about to leave home for the first time? Maybe you’ve just purchased your first home or are moving into a rental with friends; either way, moving out of home for the first time isn’t always easy. 

Moving home at any point in your life is stressful, but none more so than the first time you have to do it alone. There are some handy tips and tricks which can help make the process simpler and less stressful for all those involved including finding a good removalist, getting on top of your utilities and packing your items in an orderly fashion. 

5 Top Tips for First Time Home Leavers 

1. Find a good removalist.

Unless you’ve got very little belongings to take with you, you’ll likely need a removalist. Removalists can help you move furniture, clothing and other belongings with ease, saving you a lot of time. Some removalists may even help with the reassembly of furniture. 

However, it is important to choose the right removalist for your needs, afterall you are giving them your most prized possessions to transport. We’ve put together a list of questions you can ask your removalist.

What to ask a removalist before you hire them:

  1. How will I be charged; by the hour or flat-fee?
  2. What will the total cost of my move be?
  3. What are your moving insurance policies?
  4. What happens if the move takes longer than expected?
  5. How many removalists will be on-site and when will they arrive?
  6. Is there a call-out rate? If so, how much?

2. Gather all your important documents together.

Gather all your important documents together, including things like your birth certificate, mortgage or rental paperwork, passport and insurance papers.

Where possible, put these documents together in a fire-proof safe or filing cabinet. There is nothing worse than trying to replace your birth certificate or other important documents in a rush.  

3. Contact your electricity provider.

If you’ve lived under your parents’ roof for the better part of your life, you’ve likely had very little to do with your electricity provider. Make contact with your preferred provider as soon as you get your move-in date as they’ll have to turn the power back on for you in your new home. 

On moving day, take note of your electricity meter usage as soon as you arrive, just in case there are any billing issues in the future.

4. Get on top of your utilities.

Internet, Foxtel, water, insurance and more — there are plenty of utilities you’ll have to set up or change your details for. The good news is, many of these can be done online, taking the stress out of your first few days in your new home. But do them as far in advance as possible to ensure you can get the connection date you desire — no one likes being left without Wi-Fi for a week or two.

5. Pack your belongings in an organised manner.

When packing your belongings, avoid throwing items into random boxes — you’ll regret it when you’re unpacking. Try to pack by room and be sure to label everything, even things that may seem obvious. 

If possible, speak to your removalists and let them know what is in which box as it will make the process quicker at your new home.

5 Tips for Packing

1. Get a removalist. 

Many removalists are covered by insurance, so if your possessions get damaged in the process, they’ll be covered. This may not be the case if you opt to move your belongings yourself.

It’s important to look into your removalist’s insurance when moving home, as not all insurances are created equal.

2. Take apart any flat-pack furniture.

Flat-pack furniture is often not made of the strongest materials. Where possible, disassemble your flat pack furniture, place all the nuts and bolts in a zip lock bag, along with instructions and attach it to the corresponding parts. So, remember, keeping your flat-pack furniture instructions may save you down the line.

3. Move things of high value yourself.  

Items such as jewellery, important documents and keys should not be given to a removalist. Even if your removalist is covered by insurance, it’s risky to hand these items over to them as they may be lost amongst other items or damaged in the move causing lots of unnecessary stress.

4.  Double tape and label your boxes. 

As well as using strong boxes, you should also double tape the sides, top and bottom of your boxes — especially those with heavily items such as dinnerware. Place towels and soft items between your breakables to avoid damage. For example you can put your socks inside vases and tea towels between plates. 

Label all your boxes with rooms, items and delicacy. This will not only help you when you’re unpacking, but your removalists will also be able to pack their truck more accordingly.

5. Wrap things which may spill in plastic.

If you have items which may spill, try wrapping them in plastic. This trick works great for things like cleaning supplies, lotions, cosmetics and even liquid gardening aids. Trust us, you don’t want any of these items to spill as they can cause major damage to items packed alongside or near these liquids.

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