5 Simple DIY Handyman Tips

December 17, 2015 - 3 min read

Some common household problems or simple home improvements can easily be achieved with some hard work. Here are some handy tips you may be able to do yourself

It can be quite costly and embarrassing to call out a tradie for a job you can easily fix with a DIY approach and some elbow grease. If you want to keep more hard-earned cash in your back pocket, check out these simple handyman solutions to common household problems. Not the handyman type? Don’t worry! These tips are so simple you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t hear about them earlier!

Here’s a few handyman tips for….

Repairing a malfunctioning refrigerator

First thing’s first, you need to check whether the temperature controls on the inside of your fridge are all on the appropriate settings. It’s not uncommon to accidentally turn down your fridge while putting food away. If these are all fine, then disconnect your fridge from its power source, before removing the front grille on the bottom of your refrigerator and vacuuming the condenser coils. Pet hair and dust can clog here and affect your fridge’s performance.

Fixing a malfunctioning water heater

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Have you run out of hot water? Stop suffering through cold showers and head straight to your hot water system. Take the metal cover off and check to see whether the pilot light is still lit. If it isn’t, simply follow the instructions for relighting the pilot light, which should be printed on the tank (or check out the video above).

Unclogging a blocked toilet

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If you’ve got an unpleasant blockage in your toilet, check out these DIY tips for keeping your toilet unclogged.

Increasing your water pressure

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Over time, the aerators on your faucets can become blocked with minerals and other bits and pieces that have broken loose inside your pipes. Using a set of pliers, unscrew the aerator and clean any unwanted build-up away (or replace if necessary). For showerheads, you can clean away build-up and increase pressure using a calcium, lime and rust remover—refer to the video above.

Painting your walls


Video courtesy of Spankie Valentine TV

Whether you’re touching up a few scuffmarks or repainting your whole house, learning how to paint is simple and can save you a lot of money.

Here’s 5 simple steps for painting your home:

  1. Start by using a wet sponge to clean away any dust, dirt and grease from your walls.
  2. Tape your trim to protect it from any wayward painting strokes.
  3. Before you start painting, give your wall an undercoat of primer. This helps maximise the coverage of your paint and gives it a nicer finish.
  4. Using a smaller paintbrush, brush the areas that a larger roller won’t be able to paint effectively. This includes along mouldings, close to windows and around doors.
  5. Using your roller, fill in the remaining areas. Continue adding several coats until you’re satisfied with the finish.

When it comes to handyman work, some things are best kept to professionals. Completing work from heights and electrical repairs can be very dangerous if you’re not qualified!

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