5 quirky Date Night ideas

July 22, 2015 - 2 min read

Whether you have been together for years or are just getting to know each other, these Date Night tips will spice up old routine and set the stage for great memories. 

#1 The triathlon date

Mix things up tonight and bring out your competitive side. Create a friendly challenge by coming up with three tasks that the two of you can do together. Whether they be swimming at the local pool, then biking through the park and finishing it off by seeing who can eat the most chicken wings, a triathlon date is an awesome way to bring out your silly sides.

#2 Get cultured together

Visit the nearby art gallery or museum. The interesting exhibits will not only teach you something new, but will also spark interesting conversation and could help you learn more about your partner. If this isn’t your thing, why not watch a foreign or independent film in the comfort of your own home?

#3 Take a class together

Take a little step out of your comfort zone and have a little fun! Whether you opt for yoga, a dance class or learn how to cook—doing it together will be even better. Afterwards, you’ll have had a great time and will also have a new skill up your sleeve!

#4 Go picnicking

Nothing says romantic quite like a classic picnic. Picnicking combines escaping to picturesque locations, good food and privacy—depending on where you choose to go. Pack a blanket and a basket with wine, cheese and anything else you’d like, and while away the hours enjoying a lazy day with your significant other.

#5 Stay in

It may be too cold to head out, or you’re wanting an intimate evening—so just stay in! Play some of your favourite tunes while you cook dinner together. Make it as formal or as casual as you want—nobody’s going to kick you out of the house if you decide to wear a onesie!


What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? Let us know in the comments below!

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